The benefit of commercial dive training in the ocean.

Divesafe International has the privilege of being located on the West Coast of Canada.  We work, eat, raise our families and live in and around the ocean! Located on the edge of discovery, Campbell River lies at the mouth of the Discovery Passage, and along the inside passage, a popular route for vessels and visitors seeking the wildlife viewing opportunities that this part of the world is famous for.

Before going off to seek fame and fortune himself, student blogger Ben Boykiw had a few parting words for us;

“As I sit in the Divesafe Headquarters for the very last time, I’ve got a weird feeling in my gut that I’m really going to miss this place and the people that inhabit it. They have all been so steadfast in their commitment to making our education a worthwhile one. For that, my peers and I will always be grateful. We conducted our deep diving operations in Menzies Bay which is kitty-corner to the Seymour Narrows and the once famous Ripple Rock. The team at Divesafe could not have picked a more suitable location. We didn’t get lowered down to 165′ on a stage and stand there for a half-hour, we fought current, we pulled hard on our umbilicals until we reached our depth, we made our way back to the downline on our hands and knees, scrambling from rock to rock all the while monitoring our umbilical management. We had to earn every minute of our deep time, and it was all the more worthwhile because of it. To be getting into the water knowing of such challenges is I believe, a more accurate representation of the real world. Problem solving underwater because of hazardous circumstances to meet the objective in a safe manner will most definitely be something we will face and we will need to figure out a way to get it done regardless.”

The tides will ebb and flow, and the current will run up to 16 knots through the Seymour Narrows. In this environment, the marine life is prolific making the diving some of the best in the world. Check out this awesome video from our friends at the DIABC. This is what Vancouver Island, DiveSafe training and our local ocean has to offer;

‘click the YouTube link to make it full screen



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