How Much Does A Commercial Diver Make?

We specialize in training Commercial Divers for a successful diving career. Lets get down to brass tacks! How much does a commercial diver make?

How much money does a commercial diver make? Well this underwater welder is training on a steal pipe in the latest surface supply gear. With training like this the world your oyster.
For this dive job a Commercial SCUBA diver uses a come-along to move underwater salvage
A commercial SCUBA diver wearing a full face maskenters the water with wrench in hand
Splash into a new career as a:

Commercial Diver Underwater Photographer Underwater Welder Marine Biologist Offshore Diver Salvage Diver Inspection Diver Underwater Videographer Geoduck Harvester Rescue Diver COMMERCIAL DIVER Marine Archeologist

The options are limitless!

It’s not easy to navigate this ocean of possibilities! Luckily we’ve organized Commercial Diving careers into three categories for you!

Construction Diver

Construction Diver

Get your hands dirty building something that will last.
  • Underwater Welder
  • Ship Inspection/Husbandry
  • Offshore Diver
  • Engineering Diver
  • Salvage Diver
  • Wind Farm Diver
  • and more!
Aquaculture and Seafood Harvesting

Aquaculture and Seafood Harvesting

Join one of the biggest industries in Canada.
  • Geoduck Diver
  • Urchin Diver
  • Aquaculture Diver
  • Oyster Farm Diver
  • Sea Kelp Diver
  • and more!
Specialty Diver

Specialty Diver

Combine your training to focus on unique industries
  • Scientific Diver
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Environmental Assessment Diver
  • Border Inspection Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Underwater Archeologist
  • Net Recovery Diver
  • Underwater Surveyor
  • and more!
Surface Supply Diver on the job, about to be lowered into the ocean with dive tender smiling.

Diving experience is the biggest determiner of an underwater welder salary… [but] Experience isn’t enough – you need to get certified in new skill sets to improve your learning curve and make a good impression for employers.

How much does a Commercial Diver make?

Our students get a variety of jobs. In general, we see students with our Occupational SCUBA Diver Certification earn 50-60$ CAD per hour working in aquaculture and seafood harvesting (With a 3 month probation period). In the United States wages are quite comparable after conversion with the median wage being at 29$ USD quickly growing with experience to as high as 70$ USD per hour in the 90th percentile (US Labor Statistics).

Under Water Welders Salary

The question is then how do you reach that peak of 70$ USD (90$ CAD) per hour? The answer is with a Surface Supply ticket which will move you up to an Under Water Welders salary. To access these high paying jobs in offshore diving, construction diving and under water welding you will need an Unrestricted Surface Supply Certification with which you can expect 75-80$ CAD after graduation (with a 3 month probationary period).

How much does a commercial diver make? This Underwater welding student will likely earn 75-80$ working in offshore diving.

Specialty Diving

Other careers specifically specialty diving will depend on what certification or experience you are combining with diving. These careers can vary greatly for example, scientific divers average about 50$ CAD an hour. Other creative jobs will depend on your skill and ability to network such as with underwater photography as you’ll likely be working freelance as your own boss.

A scientific diver notes down the wildlife, including eel grass and a sunflower sea star.

The Future of Commercial Diving

Chron estimates the Commercial Diving industry to grow by 7% over the next few years (Chron). Here at DiveSafe with our boots on the ground we’re finding that students are finding work with exceptional ease. A recent job opportunity was offered to hire the whole class of graduates! We can already see a growing demand in new industries  such as engineering divers, net recovery, kelp diving, and windfarm diving. One thing is for sure, divers are in high demand!

Commercial SCUBA Diver wearing a full face mask surfaces and gives orange gloved finger guns to the camera

There's never been a better time to become a Commercial Diver

The wonderful truth is that there are thousands of dive jobs out there just waiting for you to take them on. If one ends up not suiting your needs you can apply these livelong skills anywhere in the world to get you a solid paycheck, support your travels and best of all make your passion a reality.

Now you know what's possible, are you ready to take the plunge?

At DiveSafe not only do we have world class courses we also help you make the connections you need to land a job the day after graduation!

SS Gorski helmet 3 1

Surface supply will prepare you for construction dive jobs, offshore underwater welding as well as aquaculture and seafood harvesting jobs. This course includes Occupational SCUBA meaning you can take on nearly any dive job under the sun. Our Surface Supply certification provides you with access to some of the highest-paying outdoor jobs in the industry and around the world.

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Commercial SCUBA diver exits the water with dive buddy in tow. This scientific diver is wearing a full face mask and pony bottle.

Our Occupational SCUBA course will prepare you for most aquaculture jobs, as well as Scientific Diving and Underwater Media. While it’s not as all-encompassing as the Surface Supply it quickly gets you out diving right away with the jobs listed above. Combine a DiveSafe certificate with a passion for oceans, first, aid, or media productions and you’ll go far!

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