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Divers Medical

Students are required to have a Commercial Diver’s Medical, an extensive medical performed by a dive doctor recognized by DCBC (Diver’s Certification Board of Canada). We recommend contacting a doctor and starting the process 1-3 months before your course start date.

At Divesafe we have curated a list of active dive doctors. DCBC further provides a complete list of certified doctors.


Call our office for equipment recommendations or any questions you might have.

Dive Equipment Request Form – Submit this form if you require equipment – STUDENTS ONLY

Student Loans

DIVESAFE International is registered and designated (to the highest level) with PTIB Private Training Institutions Branch of British Columbia Canada.  We also are accredited with EQA to the international standards for Canada. 

All programs are tax exempt.


  • tuition fees are tax exempt
  • tuition fees & books are tax deductible
  • tuition fees are bonded and protected through PTIB
  • student loans available through the Canadian Student Loan program
  • student lines of Credit available through your bank
  • student VISAs available through your bank
  • you may be eligible for other types of financial support for your education through HRDC
  • RESP acceptable
  • Scholarships acceptable
  • opportunities fund
  • veteran retraining for Canadian Armed Forces



Process: go to the website for details…

2.  EMPLOYEE Funding

DiveSafe will work with the student with any information required to help them get employee funding approved.

Process:  discuss with your employer.  Inform the DIVESAFE office.

3.  EI Funding

There is funding available for students who are on EI or have been on Ei in the past 3 years. These funds vary so contact your local EI office. But the general process has remained the same over the past 3 years.
Process:   Contact your local EI office for details and the process.

4.  RESP

If you have RESP funds available. Contact your bank where the RESP are held and discuss the process for accessing them. DIVESAFE can provide any information or help required.
Process: Go to your local bank and discuss with your account manager.

5.  STUDENT LINE of Credit and/or STUDENT VISA

There are opportunities for student to apply for line of credit and student visa at their local bank. The student will apply and the funds are able to be used for anything the student needs, including equipment, tuition, books and living expenses.
Process: go to your local bank and apply.


DIVESAFE Student LOAN designation # : APVC In order to be eligible for a student loan, the course or program of study must be 12 wks or longer in duration. We currently have two programs that meet this criteria.

Process: APPLY online through the student loan website in your province.
NOTE: different provinces dispense varying amounts for student loans.

 Important CODES

  • APVC – DIVESAFE student loan designation code
  • PIK8 – DIVESAFE program code for DVG 320  21 wks

DIVESAFE on occasion may create a payment schedule with a student. If there is a student in need and they have a passion for commercial diving…. we may work out a payment plan.
Process: Contact the DIVESAFE office in order to set up a meeting to discuss this option.