Student Guide

A Surface Supply Diver in training prepares for a dive while his Dive Buddy assists in putting on his Superlite helmet

Course Prep

Getting everything in order can feel like a daunting task. Here we've provided the key steps you can follow to make sure you get the class dates you want and all the resources you need.

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Divers Medical
The largest hurdle to getting in the water can be your divers medical. While the tests aren't a problem for most, the long wait times can mean missing the course date you want. We recommend starting the process as soon as possible. We've put together a list of doctors which you can find through the link below.
If you're from out of town it will be important to find a place to stay. It can be difficult to find rentals in town so we recommend beginning the search as soon as you can. We have accommodations available to students which also fills up fast so applying early is best. Accommodations provide a great space to connect with your classmates.
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As you probably know becoming a commercial diver is not cheap. While the pay is good getting to that point can be tough. There are Student Loans and other funding options available. You can check out the details through the link below, however the best option is to contact our office were our enrolment team are experts at setting you up with the best funding options
Ok this is the fun part your gear! When shopping around for gear be aware that a lot of recreational diving gear just won't cut it as a commercial diver. In our store we have a selection of dive gear that has been specifically selected to balance price, reliability and commercial diving durability. If you decide to purchase dive gear elsewhere please contact our front desk to make sure it's all course ready.
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