Spring SCUBA Program…….be ready for the summer spike in work opportunities.

Divesafe International’s spring occupational SCUBA program starts on March  14th, 2022. Enjoy the awesome underwater visibility of winter but with the top side temperatures of spring when you sign up for Divesafe’s upcoming occupational Scuba Diving course.

It is a four week program which finishes on April 8th. Summer is the perfect time to be entering the occupational SCUBA diving industry. It is traditionally the busiest time of year for many dive companies. The longer days along with other environmental conditions see an increase in the work load, particularly in the aquaculture industry and in a number of environmental survey opportunities. Demand for additional crews and divers makes this a great time of year to get a start in the commercial diving industry.

Divesafe International is the northern most commercial dive school in North America. The best trained divers train in the most adverse environments. For occupational SCUBA divers, cold water, low or no visibility, and strong ocean currents are what make the ultimate training environment. One of our more common dive locations is a stones’ throw away from the famous Seymour Narrows. The Seymour Narrows has some of the highest current in North America, making the diving here more challenging for new divers and more rewarding for advanced divers.

Divesafe has been training commercial divers in these waters for twenty five years and many of our ocean classroom locations benefit from high current which brings an abundance of sea life. The outstanding ocean diving here and the sea life that comes with it are incomparable. Divesafe has a proud tradition of training divers in these elements and we often get feedback from dive contractors who find Divesafe graduates some of the best prepared divers entering the commercial diving industry. We work closely with our industry partners and are in regular contact with contractors looking for divers.

One of the more popular aspects of the occupational SCUBA diving industry is the environmental work. Learning about the marine habitat and its various inhabitants gives students real life experience for jobs like environmental assessments. Our students learn how to perform environmental assessments using the CAUS, (Canadian association of underwater scientists), method. This is a highly respected and proven method for doing survey work.

In addition, all our SCUBA instructors and supervisors have spent countless hours working in the aquaculture industry. Probably the biggest employer of occupational SCUBA divers, nobody knows their way around the farm like we do! Whatever aspect of the commercial/occupational SCUBA industry interests you most, everything from seafood harvesting to engineering inspection work, Divesafe will ensure you are prepared for it.

For further information on our May SCUBA program or the dive industry in general please contact our office.

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