Restricted Surface Supply Diver

Open up the world of surface supply diving!

Ready to break into a whole new world of dive opportunities? Surface Supply training opens up a wide array of career opportunities from geoduck harvesting to engineering inspector to rescue operations. You will find that many of the best paying jobs are Surface Supply. Our Restricted Surface Supply certification is the first step to break into the field.

At Divesafe our focus is always on giving students practical, hands-on training with our instructors, some of the best commercial divers in the world. You’ll find yourself diving in real-world scenarios working on projects accurately representing real dive jobs. Projects such as blacked-out knots, lift bag recovery, and the pipe flange project will have you building invaluable skills to get your dream job.

Career opportunities include seafood harvesting, aquaculture, underwater engineering inspections, archeological investigation, police operations, underwater film production, emergency services rescue operations, underwater construction, bridge inspection, salvage work, hull inspections, pipeline maintenance and many more.

An Unrestricted Surface Supply dive hangs back on a ladder looking cool while waiting for topside to signal him up.

Week days 8:30am to 4:30pm. Weekend and evening homework required.

Restricted Surface Supply Certification
Open Water Certification (PADI, NAUI, etc.)
18 years of age
Commercial Divers Medical
Kirby Morgan (KMDSI) user course
Kirby Morgan (KMDSI) technician course
Tools Orientation
Emergency First Aid (EFR)
ADLFG Course
Under Water Welder
Dive Technician (Coming soon)

Program Components

Be the best you can be...train in the ocean!

Program Fees

Train for real-world situations with a 100% in-ocean course.

In regards to Dive Gear: Students are required to bring their own dive gear. We estimate this to cost around $5800 and is available at the Divesafe store.

In regards to Tax: Tuition fees are tax exempt. T2202 CRA tax forms will be sent to students in February after your graduating year.

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Program Schedule

June 11th, 2024Dive SupervisorFull With Waitlist
June 17th, 2024Unrestricted Surface SupplyFull With Waitlist
July 8th, 2024Restricted Surface SupplyFull With Waitlist
August 6th, 2024Occupational SCUBA Diver4 Seats Remaining
November 4th, 2024Occupational SCUBA DiverApply Now
January 13th, 2025Unrestricted Surface SupplyApply Now
January 13th, 2025Restricted Surface SupplyApply Now

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