Prior Learning Assessment Reviews

The Prior Learning Assessment Review (PLAR) process at DIVESAFE International is a quick method to establish if you may be able to expedite training by applying previous diving and training experience.

The PLAR program allows divers with commercial experience to apply that experience towards the requirements to graduate our course. While very beneficial this program necessitates strict limitations on what experience is illegible and to which course it is applied. You can compare your experience with the side bar elligable and ineligible criteria to see if you may benefit from PLAR. It’s important to note that experience in SCUBA cannot be transferred to Surface Supply and vice versa. Below we have provided some common situations that can benefit from PLAR.

SS KMB helmet good 3
Military experience and training
Commercial work and training
Scientific diving as per CAUS/AAUS standards
International commercial diving certifications

Note: All dives must be legal in the jurisdiction in which they were made.

18 years of age or older
Commercial Diver's Medical
Recreational Diver's Certification
20 Logged and Signed Drysuit Dives totalling 10 hours within the last year (Prep Week)

Note: PADI Open Water and 20 Logged Drysuit Dives (Prep Week) can be completed with DiveSafe a week to two weeks prior to your start date.


1. DiveSafe Graduates

As a graduate of a Divesafe International program and wish to attend another program you are able to PLAR portions. The specifics of your PLAR will depend on the course you plan to PLAR. You can use the form below to submit your dive logs and we'll be happy to assess your options with no application fee.

2. Recent Grads of school not registered with DCBC

To access PLAR you'll need to submit your training dive logs & certifications using the form below. Note that there is a fee for completing the full assessment and plan.

3. Experienced diver holding a foreign certificate

If you graduated from a school that is not registered with DCBC such as most international schools you can submit your experience using the form below. Note that there is a fee for completing the full assessment and plan.

4. An experienced diver or supervisor without any certification

Before submitting your information using the form below please verify the legality of your dives. Canada has very strict laws about what is considered as "legal" commercial diving experience. As such dive logs must meet all the aforementioned eligible/ineligible criteria and importantly must be legal in the jurisdiction where the dive job took place. Note that there is a fee for completing the full assessment and plan.

PLAR Application Form