Your Dive equipment is a very important part of your diving experience.  You will need a set of personal dive gear in order to attend the commercial dive course.  

Refer to the lists below in order to organize your dive equipment.

Commercial SCUBA Diver /NITROX Blender/Diver courses:   It is highly recommended you purchase your own set of dive equipment --- but if finances are tight - some divers start their course renting some of the equipment.

MUST PURCHASE:  mask/fin/snorkel, gloves (commercial in nature), medical alert necklace (dog tag), knife

PURCHASE OR RENT:  Call the office for rental fees

 - Suit(wet or dry) with boots and hood

 - Gloves - Commercial in nature

 - Regulator/ Octopus

 - Computer, SPG, compass

 - Buoyancy compensator

 - Weight belt or weight harness

 - medical alert necklace (dogtag)

- SMB - Surface Marker BUOY

- Divers lights

- Divers KNIFE

 - Divers bag - to haul gear around


A Commercial Divers equipment is very important.   Refer to the list under documents for a complete list for your commercial diving career.

It is strongly suggested that all diving for commercial courses be done in a drysuit.  


Students are required to supply Drysuit/drysuit inflator whip, hood and fins/dive knife/light/slate/gear bag/medic alert bracelet.

Call our office at 1-888-325-3483  for information on appropriate types of drysuits  recommended for the commercial diving industry.

- refer to the documents section of the website in order to download a complete equipment list-