Diving Program Application Procedures

5 steps to a new career! 

1. Pay registration fee:   The non refundable registration fee is required in order to register for courses/programs of study for courses over 3 wks in length.    EMAIL DIVESAFE at info@divesafe.com to pay registration fee.      or call us at 1-888-325-3483.      Are you local? call... 250-287-3837

  • $150  Commercial SCUBA courses
  • $350  Surface Supply Courses
  • $1000 International student registration fee

2. Submit enrolment applicationUpon receiving your registration fee an application form will be sent to the  email provided.

3. Meet Prerequisites

4. Pay Fees - due 30 days prior to start date

5. Apply for Divers Guesthouse -   check the box on page 4 of the enrolment application if you required accommodations while studying at DIVESAFE International. NOTE: - the earlier you apply the more likely you will get accommodations.

 Note 1: If you withdraw after payment has been received, refunds are subject to the DiveSafe International refund policy.    Please refer to the FAQ section of this website for details and/or the enrolment contract.             The registration fee is non refundable.
Note 2: Request a DiveSafe International Dive program policy manual for complete details about application policies and  procedures.