Why is Ocean Training better than Lake training?

DiveSafe has made the choice to train divers in the ocean rather than being located in a lake. Because of the costs associated with corrosion and equipment issues, lake diving is way better for the school but not for creating a better quality graduate.


Ocean training provides the student the real world experience of dealing with tides, currents, low visibility, rough seas and other challenges that the students have to over come and adapt to. It may seem like a small difference but over the length of the course, these challenges add up and an ocean trained diver can really excel in all environments. On the other hand, the lake trained diver has to learn these challenges on the job at the employers cost and frustration.


DiveSafe’s goal is to produce the best quality commercial diving graduates in the country and by choosing to locate it’s school on the ocean, give the students the best experience and value for training dollar. Employers appreciate DiveSafe graduates for this and give strong consideration to ocean hardened divers over lake divers any day. When you are on the job hunt remind the interviewer that you were trained in the north Pacific ocean!


Director Of Training Kelly Korol