This is where we train and work! The OCEAN!

Dolphins, orcas, eagles, seals (loads of seals), sea lions, otters and so much more.  This is just a few of the critters that are part of our every day life at DIVESAFE.    Of course we also get the amazing weather; summers with vast blue skies, oceans so clear you can practically touch the sea stars below, crazy winds and nourishing tides.  And the mild winters, do we even own snow boots or snow jackets?    Of course, 30 mins up the hill and you have great skiing at Mt Washington,  so no worries for all you ski bums!    You can ski and dive on the same day.   

We love the winter storms, the moody fog rolling in across the passage and the bright sunny days that feel like spring in January...where you need to strip down your drysuit underwear and get out the sunscreen.

Our 90 ft specially designed Commercial DIVE Barge "The Kraken" sits at DISCOVERY MARINA in Campbell River,  We are the gateway to the dive industry up and down the coast.    And we have contacts around the world!                                               Come Join Us!   

                                                      You won't regret it!


April 2020 -  Next Occupational /Commercial SCUBA Diver / Nitrox Diver /

July 2020  -  Next Surface Supply Diver (Unrestricted) / Underwater WELDER /Commercial SCUBA Diver / Nitrox Diver