What is a professional diver?

What makes a professional diver?

Although there are many definitions for a professional, in the diving industry we are commonly defined as:

1. a diver who has been properly trained in the skill by an agency recognized by industry authorities. IN Canada the authority is DCBC(Diver Certification Board of Canada)
2. a professional diver works with other professionals in order to maintain industry standards.
3. a professional diver is committed to ongoing learning and development of their skills.
4. a professional diver operates to a code of conduct or standard which is adhered to by other professionals in the industry.
5. a professional diver is proud of their industry and present a professional attitude when dealing with customers and others.

As commercial divers, we want to be professional. Professionals not only get paid better but we gain credibility for our industry.

In Canada DCBC is the industry authority that divers are certified too. DCBC follows the CSA standards...the CSA standards didn't just invent themselves...read the next blog for information regarding CSA.