What is DCBC? And why do we need it?

The DCBC - Diver Certification Board of Canada

The DCBC is the only national occupational diver certification agency in Canada.  The DCBC also audits and accredits diver training establishments in Canada and some of the USA, using the Canadian Standards Association's (CSA) competency and training standards as the basis for accreditation.

All working divers in Canada are required to belong to this organization. (with a few exceptions... like the Navy and Police divers...).   As a graduate of DIVESAFE International - we will submit your first application to DCBC and shortly after you will receive the official commercial divers certification card.  

Keep this card with your divers logbook.  You will need it on the dive site.  Your new boss will ask to see it.

The DCBC card needs to be updated on a regular basis,  and you will do that directly with DCBC.  It will say on the card when your expiration date is.  DCBC has a good website and re-application can be done online.

The Diver Certification Board of Canada’s vision is of an internationally recognized national certification scheme for the occupational diving and ROV industry, guided by various stakeholders who are dedicated to the development and enhancement of the Canadian underwater industry without personal gain or profit.
The mission of the Diver Certification Board of Canada is to provide a national Canadian certification scheme for occupational diving and ROV personnel, based on a single national standard of competencies, in order to enhance industry safety by demonstrating personal competency.

DCBC is committed to the consistent delivery of professional and efficient customer service to our clients and stakeholders and to the continual improvement of the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.
DCBC is a founding member of the International Diving Regulators and Certifiers Forum (IDRCF). Other members of the IDRCF are Australia (ADAS), France, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom (HSE) and the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). DCBC certificates are recognised by all members of the IDRCF.
Commercial divers and supervisors holding DCBC certificates can be found working all over the world, including in the Far East, West Africa, the North Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, Kazakstan, indeed anywhere where commercial divers are needed.