Three of the coolest tools we use Underwater

Ocean Training makes for tough divers

When one considers tools a diver might employ underwater the chainsaw isn't likely to be the first thing that comes to mind. It sure beats using a handsaw however when you are trying to cut down an old wooden pile in a marina. The hydraulic chainsaw is just one of the machine tools we train with at Divesafe during the Unrestricted surface supply program. And it certainly is one of the coolest tools to use.

One of the great things about being a commercial diver is the diversity of jobs we can find ourselves doing. To ensure our graduates develop a number of different skills and get exposed to the handling and use of a variety of machine tools Divesafe students train with all manner of hydraulic tools like breakers or jackhammers, hammer drills, impact wrenches and – everyone’s favorite – the underwater chainsaw. Interestingly enough another very ‘cool’ tool students get to have a go with also involves cutting. Exothermic burning is another popular tool our surface supply students get an opportunity to work with. If we need to cut out something underwater that is made of metal then a cutting torch is required. This is a skill commonly seen at hydro dam sites, or underwater construction sites.  

During the Unrestricted surface supply program students receive training with both burning and underwater welding gear. Less commonly, but sometimes the right tool for the job, are pneumatic or air-powered tools. Water jets, air lifting equipment, dredging gear and underwater explosives are also part of the surface supply training and equipment a commercial diver needs to have some experience in.

The kind of work that needs to get done underwater dictates the sort of equipment we need to use. In turn, the type of equipment we need to use dictates the type of commercial dive certification a diver needs. For example, if we’re doing an environmental assessment of a bay where a company is likely to have an impact, we would normally plan to use SCUBA equipment and video or still cameras to record our findings on what exactly is likely to be impacted. In most typical open-water ocean environments it’s safe to use just our basic SCUBA equipment and whatever hand tools are necessary to do the job. Working with underwater video equipment is definitely an important and useful skill for a commercial diver to have and along with working an underwater chainsaw or a cutting torch, one of the coolest jobs in the world.

The vast range of projects we work on during the practical portion of our programs guarantees our graduate students have had the opportunity to work with the various tools and equipment they’ll encounter in the field. We provide a well-rounded experience so our grads have the confidence to tackle any job at hand.

The NEXT Unrestricted Surface Supply Diver course/Underwater welder  starts in July.  Contact the DIVESAFE OFFICE to reserve your seat!