Spring is the perfect time to do your Occupational SCUBA

Five weeks to discover a new career in Occupational Scuba 

Enjoy the awesome underwater visibility of winter but with the temperatures of spring when you sign up for DiveSafe International’s upcoming Commercial Scuba Diving course.  

Starting April 24, Canada’s premier dive school will have you ready for a new career as an occupational diver in just five weeks. 

Located in Campbell River, DiveSafe’s five-week diving course will get you certified to conduct commercial diving operations to a maximum depth of 40 metres (132 feet). 


Commercial Scuba Diver (CSD) course overview 

The first week of the program is spent in the classroom covering all the theory, and by week two we head out to the ocean for some of the best cold-water diving in the world (in fact, the Cousteau Society rated the waters of the Discovery Passage the second-best diving in the world next to the Red Sea). Where else can you experience world class diving AND earn yourself a commercial diving certification recognized worldwide.  

After establishing themselves through skill assessments, students work on search patterns and line pull signals. As commercial divers we do a lot of our work diving on our own. Using life lines and line pull signals is one way we are able to do this. 

The third week has students running through shallow water projects in the DiveSafe International underwater classroom. Outfitted with work benches and pipe flange pieces, the classroom lets students get busy with hand tools. From pipe puzzles and wrench work to building a box or bird houses, underwater work offers plenty of challenges! Oh and of course hand tools actually work better underwater. 

By week four we’re ready to delve into deeper water. Projects include diving the wreck of the HMCS Columbia, a 366-foot battleship that was sunk as an artificial reef, as well as tether line dives and natural navigation dives. 

May 26th is the last day of the spring installment and includes a grad ceremony and workshop on career opportunities. DiveSafe grads learn about the various contractors out there, the sort of work they can expect to do and how much they’ll be paid for it. Handouts list companies’ contact names and other details. 


Ocean diving makes DiveSafe’s Commercial Scuba course unique 

The outstanding ocean diving here and the sea life that comes with it are incomparable. DiveSafe students continually build a library of sea life knowledge. Learning about the marine habitat and its various vertebrates and invertebrates gives students real life experience for jobs like environmental assessments.  

Why sign up now? Summer sees an increase in demand for divers. 

Summer is the perfect time to be entering the dive industry as those months are usually the busiest time for many dive companies. Summer weather and longer days see increased numbers of projects in the various industries, particularly aquaculture and environmental assessment. Demand for additional crews and divers makes this a great time to enter into commercial diving.  

Find out how to get involved in this industry and learn more about our new CSD course, by visiting our website at www.divesafe.com. First Nations funding options are available, so get more info by emailing info [at] divesafe [dot] com or calling 1.888.325.3483.