Opportunities await in 2018

Welcome to 2018. The year is starting with a bang as the Aquaculture industry out east changes, grows, moves and 'morfs' with Marine Harvest looking to take over Northern Harvest in Newfoundland and Grieg Seafoods also expected to begin operations along the eastern seaboard. Whatever your personal feelings about it are, the aquaculture industry provides a start and an excellent grounding for new commercial divers. For some it even becomes a career.

With Aquaculture being such a large industry already on the west coast, employing the majority of commercially trained divers, Divesafe graduates are in high demand and most start work immediately after they complete their program.

Divesafe is located at the heart of the aquaculture industry and the instructors and dive supervisors here have years of experience working in the industry. Some of the older supervisors were there at the inception of the industry here on the west coast and have watched it grow and develop over the years, while our younger instructors are savvy to the more modern techniques being used. At the time of this publication in fact, a Divesafe crew is out working a special aquaculture project. With this hands on knowledge and experience Divesafe instructors ‘specialize’ in preparing graduates in the 'art' of aquaculture diving.

Worksafe BC (WCB) have set some of the most detailed and rigid regulations in the country for commercial diving operations. Coupled with the globally recognized CSA standards, the environmental conditions and the demands of industry, divers who train on the west coast of Canada quickly develop the highest possible skill set for whatever discipline they are working in; SCUBA or Surface Supply.

With the new opportunities out east and the seemingly endless opportunities on the west coast now is the time to take the ‘plunge’ and ‘dive’ into commercial diver training. Programs starting at the beginning of the year finish just before or during the busiest time of year for the aquaculture industry.

Opportunities await………………………………....registration is open.