Northern Most Education

We all know that recreational divers who get trained by BSAC, CMAS, or even PADI in cold water are all round better divers when they go south to warmer waters. In a recent addition of UnderWater magazine, the official ADCI publication, I read a piece written by Aaron Lay from Holland College about how diver’s who train in cold northern waters make better commercial divers. We couldn’t agree more. A working diver who trains in cold, current swept ocean waters, with at times little or no visibility, is going to find the transition to working in warm southern waters much easier than the diver who trained in the south and is trying to come north for work.

DiveSafe International is the northern most commercial dive school, by 1 degree of latitude, in North America and one of our more common dive locations is a stones throw away from the Seymour Narrows. The Seymour Narrows has some of the highest current in North America, making the diving here more challenging for new divers and more rewarding for advanced divers. DiveSafe has been training commercial divers in these waters for ten years and many of our ocean classroom locations benefit from high current which brings an abundance of sea life.

The best trained divers train in the most adverse environments. For commercial divers, cold water, low or no visibility, and strong ocean currents are what make the ultimate training environment. DiveSafe has a proud tradition of training divers in these elements and have had feedback from dive contractors who find DiveSafe graduates some of the best prepared working divers entering the commercial diving industry.

Check out this drone footage of where we dive shot by DiveSafe Instructor Maxwel Hohn. Hint: click the youtube icon for full screen. It's got to be full screen.