Mermaids, Rapture of the Deep...Giant Octopus...

Mermaids, Rapture of the Deep, giant Octopus... Surface Supply Diving is full of mystic and tradition... And DiveSafe has added to this with their current class. During the Surface Supply training each class designs and creates (using their newly acquired welding training & experience) their own class emblem. This class totally rocked the topside welding training and to prove it...take a look at their class emblem! GORSKI Helmet with SKULL & CROSS Bones! DELTA P! Truly amazing! The class emblem will take a proud spot on the dive barge...The Kraken! For all to view.

The challenge now goes out to the next Surface Supply & Underwater Welder class that starts on July 31st!

Congrats to Ben, Louis, Ian and Gabe You guys rocked it!