Meet our Instructor - Peter Budden

Peter  Budden ‚Head Commercial SCUBA Dive Instructor

Peter has been with DIVESAFE International  for 12 years.  He is instrumental in DiveSafe's success and its growth.  He is the head Commercial SCUBA Instructor and is the one you will talk with when you need information about the course.   Peter grew up in Vancouver, and got into diving after high school.  He travelled extensively in his 20s working and visiting the Middle East, Australia,  Asia and Europe from a home base in England, where he met and married his sweetheart Elizabeth.   

In the late 90's Peter returned to Canada and settled into Campbell River with his family and became a commercial diver, training under Kelly Korol at North Island College.  He  has gone on to have a successful career  in the aquaculture industry as well as environmental assessment diving, construction and inspection diving.   He has continued to grow and learn by training as a Surface Supply diver and Supervisor.  

Peter knows the local waters and the local aquaculture dive industry inside and out.  His contacts help DiveSafe grads get employment and he is the fellow you want to talk too for employment upon graduation!

And don't mess up his boat  ‚Reefseeker 

To get more information on the DIVESAFE courses contact Peter by email