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An introduction to our communications plan

If you’re reading this, that means you’ve discovered our brand new blog, where we plan to provide you with all kinds of awesome diving-related information, as well as exclusive promotions, contests and opportunities especially for our online followers.

Staying connected with friends, clients and supporters is important to us at DiveSafe International, and so we’ve developed a communications plan to ensure our blog and social media profiles are continually updated with content that we believe you’ll find useful, informative or – at the very least – entertaining.

What can you expect?

• Industry-related news

• Diving course updates and, of course, amazing underwater pics

• A chance to win some excellent prizes through contests and promotions

For example . . . this diving course update!

We have a new Restricted Surface Supply (RSS) Diver course starting on May 30. A nine-week course (eight if you have your CSA Commercial SCUBA diving through DIVESAFE), RSS certification allows divers to conduct commercial diving operations using surface supplied diving equipment to a maximum depth of 30 meters. Working categories include harvesting, aquaculture, underwater engineering inspections, archeological investigation, police operations, underwater film production and emergency services rescue operations, among others.

And more new courses to come in July, so stay tuned and check out our schedule!

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- Kelly and the DiveSafe team