Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

Our last Occupational SCUBA graduated on December 1st, 2017. Everyone who was looking for work is now working. Three of them have started in the aquaculture industry, one has work doing fisheries and oceans work in Haida Gwaii, two more have work in the film industry, one young fella found work with a marina and vessel maintenance company in Vancouver, and another is working for an environmental consulting company. Well done everyone!

Of the others, some are going on to further their education, including one who is coming back to Divesafe to take our surface supply class. Another has still got some time to finish up in the Canadian military but has a skill set that contractors will want to quickly utilize.

Our Surface Supply class graduates on Dec 15th and we've already had calls from employers wondering when they will be available. Divesafe graduates are in constant demand. This is due in part to the fact that we have a close connection with our local industry and our instructors have also had experience working abroad and offshore.

What sets the DiveSafe program apart from other programs is the fact that we do all our diving in the ocean. It’s this ‘real world’ experience of diving in the ocean, and all the challenges that brings with it, that gives DiveSafe graduates the best possible training and preparation for starting out in the commercial diving industry.

Here are a couple of photos from Divesafe grads hard at work. Well done fellas!