How to PAY for your dream career?

Let's face it.... commercial dive training is not cheap....but on the other hand,  you can make a lot of money once you finish school!

We want everyone to have a chance to become a commercial diver.   If you have the dream, we want to help you!  so we have searched and work with the many funding opportunities in Canada.... Here is what we found...

1. employee funding :  ask your employer - many of our students are here because their employer is funding them either partial or full.    There are training grants for businesses to upgrade their employee skills.

2. EI Funding:  The government offers financial aid for students who are on or have been on EI sometime in the last 3 years.  These funds vary, so contact your local EI office.  Local funders fully support and understand the aquaculture industry here on the coast and support commercial dive training.   

3.  RESP:  thank you mom and Dad,  or gramma or Uncle John....  We thought this was all so boring in high school... but wow those RESPs can sure help now that you want to be a commercial diver.

4.  Student Line of Credit or VISA - contact your local bank for information.  The good thing about these funds is they can be used for anything towards school,  tuition, books, equipment...  anything.

5.  BC Abilities Fund:  A new program, for students with disabilities... check out the website at BC Abilities for more information.  

6. Canada Student Loan:  we have 3 programs that meet the 12 week min student loan requirement.  DVG200/DVG310/DVG320.  You apply online,  some portion is grant funds, and another portion is a loan.

7.  DIVESAFE Payment plan:  we will on occasion, work out a contract with a payment schedule for a student.Call the DIVESAFE office to discuss this process.  Full payment needs to be received before certifications are released.

CONTACT the DIVESAFE office for help with any funding options...