Geoduck DIVERS - A breed of their own

Geoduck divers are highly skilled divers who work from dive vessels in the remote pristine waters along the coast of British Columbia.  They usually harvest in the "winter" months and get paid by the weight of their harvests.    A good diver can make a "S*** load of money"!    They are required to be trained to the minimum level of Restricted Surface Supply Diver and have the  DCBC (Diver Certification Board of Canada) certification. 

geoduck diver  Surface supply Diver DCBC UHA
Photo courtesy of UHA website

Divers work at depth of 10 - 20 metres moving along the ocean floor looking for a geoduck show (the tip of a siphon or a dimple in the sand made by the tip of a siphon).  When a diver finds a show, he uses a stinger (a nozzle with high -pressure water pumped down from the boat) to liquefy the sand around the clam.  The clam is then carefully pulled out and gently placed in a bag that is clipped to the diver''s waist.  When the bag is full, the diver signals the crew to hoist the bag up to the deck of the vessel.

Once on board, the geoducks are gently emptied form the bag onto a cushioned sorting table where the clams are banded to prevent the shell from gaping and help keep the clam alive.  They are then placed into cages with liners that separate each layer of product to avoid marking and prevent breakage during transport.  The cages are labeled following strict guidelines and kept clean and cool,  ready for validation and distribution.

geoduck diver surface supply diver  UHA DCBC DIVESAFE
photo courtesy of UHA website

In Canada geoducks are harvested by members of the UHA (Underwater Harvesters Association) 

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