Diver's needed!

Our most recent Unrestricted surface supply class graduated in December 2018. This group was particularly motivated when it came to finding work after they graduated. Typically presented towards the end of the course, they wanted their career opportunities day at an early stage of the program and were sending resumes after just a few weeks. This enticed a couple of companies to send representatives to Divesafe to do presentations for the the students on their respective companies. The grads who were keen to start working as soon as they graduated are now all working.

Three of them have started in the aquaculture industry. Two of them have an opportunity with a local marine construction company working on a big project on the lower mainland. One of them was accepted at a global engineering company in Vancouver whose headquarters are in Sydney, Australia.  

And others started in the BC Interior, https://www.facebook.com/divesafe.training/videos/326361834748684/UzpfSTExOTE2MDUwMTUwNTAyODoyMjU2NTY5NjE0NDMwNzYy/

And ended up in, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=119747652556442&set=a.119748152556392&type=3&theater

Now thats living the dream of an internationally recognized commercial diver. Well done indeed. 

We have just 2 seats left for our July 2019 Unrestricted surface supply program. Late registration bonuses may apply. Call for details. We've already had calls from employers wondering when they will graduate.  

What sets the DiveSafe program apart from other programs is the fact that we do all our diving in the ocean. It’s this ‘real world’ experience of diving in the ocean, and all the challenges that brings with it, that gives DiveSafe graduates the best possible training and preparation for starting out in the commercial diving industry.