Diver's needed!

Our recent Unrestricted surface supply class graduated on December 14, 2018. This group was particularly motivated when it came to finding work after they graduated. Typically presented towards the end of the course, they wanted their career opportunities day at an early stage of the program and were sending resumes after just a few weeks. This enticed a couple of companies to send representatives to Divesafe to do presentations for the the students on their respective companies. The grads who were keen to start working as soon as they graduated are now all working.

Three of them have started in the aquaculture industry, always a good place to start and get some experience. Two of them have an opportunity with a local marine construction company working on a big project on the lower mainland. One of them was accepted at a global engineering company in Vancouver whose headquarters are in Sydney, Australia. We were getting calls from Newfoundland and New Brunswick in November from companies looking for divers and so another grad has headed back east where there are excellent opportunities in some of the maritime provinces and Newfoundland. 

Of the others, some are researching the possibilities of starting their own company, part of which includes going out and getting some field experience first. A couple have followed up on a company in Australia who specializes in underwater inspection work and is interested in adding Canadian trained divers to their international workforce. Well done everyone!

Our winter programs are now full. We are taking applications for our Spring occupational/commercial SCUBA program and our July Unrestricted surface supply program. We've already had calls from employers wondering when they will graduate. This is due in part to their project planning but also due to the fact that the summer is an excellent time of year to break into the industry.  

What sets the DiveSafe program apart from other programs is the fact that we do all our diving in the ocean. It’s this ‘real world’ experience of diving in the ocean, and all the challenges that brings with it, that gives DiveSafe graduates the best possible training and preparation for starting out in the commercial diving industry.

Here are a couple of photos from the last class hard at work. Well done ladies and gentleman!