DCBC - Why do we need this cert??

DCBC is the Divers Certification Board of Canada. It is the only national body which certifies offshore and inshore occupational divers in Canada.  It operates on a not-for-profit basis (cert fees are used to support the organization) 

OK, bare with me...hear comes a mouthful....

DCBC is a federally incorporated, government -recognized, independent corporation with a single mission:

"To provide a national, Canadian diving certification scheme for occupational diving personnel, based on a single national standard for competencies, in order to enhance industry safety by demonstrating personal competency."

Benefits for DIVERS!
- DCBC accredits qualified diver training schools and their training programs. - IE - ensures quality training is maintained!!!
- allows divers to dive in all provinces and jurisdictions across Canada
- is recognized in the Canadian offshore diving industry
- is recognized internationally, under reciprocal agreements with corresponding certification agencies including, AUstralia, France, Norway, Netherland, S Africa and the UK
- is recognized by IMCA (International Contractors Association.)
- is accepted for work in the USA
- Is simple - menas the diver only has to carry a single diver certification card.
- Is issued by a recognized well-established independent body