Be safe, Be healthy, Be Awesome Divers!

COVID-19 student policy.pdf 

If you are considering taking a course with DIVESAFE International -  you will need to know, we are very serious about protecting our staff and students. 

There are few cases on Vancouver Island and in Campbell River and we want to keep it that way.  Students arriving from out of province require a self imposed 2 wk isolation period.  This can be done in one of our student houses.

Students arriving internationally currently require a 2 wk government imposed isolation period.  This policy is updated as government regulations change.  

Students are required to wear a PPE/mask topside.  We will provide 3 for you initially, but students are responsible for their cleanliness.  Additional PPEs will be charged.  By all means, bring your own PPE.

We have adjusted our student accommodations to private rooms.

There are many more policies implemented, please read the policy above and be sure you are comfortable with the requirements.

We look forward to you training with DIVESAFE International,  our goal, our mission, is to be safe, to be healthy, to be awesome divers!

Thank you

Catherine Korol