CAUS Diver??

CAUS & Commercial Diving in Canada??  

Scientific Diving!  CAUS is the source of information for divers who want to expand into the scientific field or for scientists who want to add to their credentials with a dive certification.     CAUS does not certify divers but the organization does develop and maintain the Standard of Practice for Scientific Diving.   Scientific diver training is done by CAUS member organizations. You can check out the CAUS website for a list of members.  

Divesafe International Dive Training comes into consideration when the scientific diver wants to expand their certification and/or work experience beyond scientific levels. DiveSafe can PLA(Prior learning assessment) your skills and CAUS training.  Shortening the Commercial SCUBA course substantially.   Upon successful completion the diver will graduate with a DCBC (Diver Certification Board of Canada) certification which enables them to work worldwide in the category of training achieved.


Different Scientific Diver categories (referenced from the CAUS website)

Scientific Diver in Training:  must meet basic entry requirements, must dive with scientific diver I, II or DSO, must not dive deeper than 20m, must dive during daylight hours and must not dive in hazardous conditions or use special modes or equipment.

Scientific Diver I:  must meet all requirements of Scientific Diver in Training, must have accumulated 25 logged dives and 15 hours bottom time including planning and executing one dive to 20m under direct supervision of the DSO or other Scientific Diver I or II.  A scientific Diver I is limited to a depth of 20m.

Scientific Diver II:  must be a scientific Diver I, must be registered for an approved project that required diving between 20m-30m, must complete an exam on the physics and physiology of deeper diving with a grade of at least 75%, and must plan and execute 4 dives deeper than 20m and up to 40m, with at least one to 40m under the direct supervision of the DSO, and demonstrate proficiency in various areas applicable to deeper diving.  A scientific Diver II is limited to a depth of 40m.

Scientific Aquarium Diver: must meet basic entry requirements (see the standard of practice for scientific diving on the CAUS website), must accumulate 12 logged aquarium dives and 8 hours bottom time.  A scientific Aquarium Diver is limited to diving solely in an aquarium.


Checkout the CAUS website for more information.