Campbell River - Gateway to wilderness

OCEAN OCEAN OCEAN!  - being surrounded by ocean affects your life, play, work and health!

Campbell River is a young, vibrant & growing city!

Situated on Discovery Passage at the mid point of Vancouver Island's east coast, Campbell River is a natural ocean travel and distribution gateway, providing access by road, sea and air to northern Vancouver Island and the coast regions.

Campbell River is enhanced by the unlimited access to ever changing ocean views and activities, as well as excellent skiing at Mt Washington and Mount Cain. The extensive coastline provides countless opportunities for recreation like boating, fishing, hiking, beaches, cruise ship watching and of course diving.

Campbell River is also enhanced by the the diversity and abundance of wildlife that inhabit the area. Fish propagate in the protected coast waters as well as the inland lakes and rivers. Five species of Pacific salmon return to their natal waters in and around the protected coastline waterways of Campbell River. This abundance of species and diversity of migration periods offer the most unique fishing experiences of their kind on the coast and are one of the reasons Campbell River has the reputation of being "The Salmon Capital of the World."

With salmon follow the eagles, whales and bears that feed on them. Deer, elk and even cougar are also part of the surrounding population. Wilderness areas and nature reserves, like Strathcona Provincial Park provide habitat for wildlife as well as opportunities for walking, hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, camping, swimming, canoeing and of course diving.

Really,  it's awesome here!!