Birdhouses underwater? You bet....

Birdhouses and boxes underwater? You bet... it may seem crazy, but building a small item underwater with a saw, hammer and nails is a great skills development project.

During week 3 of the Occupational SCUBA Diver course, students are required to take on the box building project. The purpose of this project is not to frustrate divers underwater…it is a skills building project which reinforces the divers ability to not only be competent divers but work in difficult and trying situations and still manage to complete a highly complicated task.
The key is to visual the steps before getting in the water, remain calm and take your time. The students need to adjust for currents, visibility, buoyancy and much more... it is a surprisingly difficult task.

For students furthering their education into the Surface Supply programs such as Restricted and Unrestricted Surface Supply Diver Courses. The box project now becomes the BIRDHOUSE project. It is amazing the BIRDHOUSES that our students build underwater. This simply box technique now becomes a level more complicated with 45 degree angles, holes to drill, and a creative design factor to add. Check out what some of grads have built underwater!

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