Back by Popular demand

Back by popular demand.....


The Professional/Commercial Diver program, formally referred to as the Commercial Diver/Divemaster Program, is making a comeback. After a brief sabbatical due to the introduction of the Unrestricted surface supply program, this shorter program (13-15 weeks) offers candidates the opportunity to train for inshore commercial diving operations as well as recreational work opportunities worldwide.   


Designed for the inshore commercial dive industry with a professional PADI twist, this program allows the graduate with an earnest commercial intention a vast range of possibilities. 


Inshore diving, sometimes referred to as ‘Inland’ diving, is found in seafood harvesting, aquaculture, hydro, dams and mills, potable water diving, ports and marina maintenance, engineering inspection, environmental assessments, and ships husbandry to name a few. And it's thriving. Divesafe is taking calls on a regular basis from contractors looking for both SCUBA and restricted surface supply divers.


The PADI twist allows students an option to further their recreational certifications in pursuit of a life on the beach, travelling the world as a Divemaster, whilst retaining the ability to return to a career in commercial diving when the time comes.