October 2018


This is where we train and work! The OCEAN! Dolphins, orcas, eagles, seals (loads of seals), sea lions, otters and so much more. This is just a few of the critters that are part of our every day life at DIVESAFE. Of course we also get the amazing weather; summers with vast blue skies, oceans so clear you can practically...

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How to PAY for your dream career?

Let's face it.... commercial dive training is not cheap....but on the other hand, you can make a lot of money once you finish school! We want everyone to have a chance to become a commercial diver. If you have the dream, we want to help you! so we have searched and work with the many funding opportunities in Canada.... Here...

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Dive Communications 101

Communication under the water is difficult compared to being in air. The Professional diver may have the need to pass critical or detailed information to his fellow diver or to topside. As a professional diver, we need to be fluent in the various methods of underwater communications. Following are the most common techniques. HAND SIGNALS Divers have been using hand...

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