Dive into Your Dream Career: Renowned Underwater Photographer Joins Our Occupational SCUBA Course

Dive into Your Dream Career: Renowned Underwater Photographer Joins Our Occupational SCUBA Course

Exciting News for Aspiring Underwater Photographers! 

Ever dreamed of capturing the ocean’s magic on camera? Of transforming your love for diving into a thrilling and rewarding career? Well, get ready to make a splash, because this next course is unlike any other! 

We’re beyond excited to announce that world-renowned underwater photographer and videographer, Marcelo Johan Ogata a.k.a. bugdreamer, will be joining our team as a guest instructor this August. That’s right, you now have the incredible opportunity to learn the art of underwater photography and videography from one of the industry’s best! 

This isn’t just another course; it’s your ticket to a career that combines passion with expertise. Our Occupational SCUBA diving program is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in the underwater world, and now, with Marcelo on board, you’ll gain insights into the underwater photography world as well. 

Your Chance to Learn from the Best  

This cohort of our Occupational SCUBA diving program is especially valuable for divers who are ready to turn their passion for diving into a profession. With a focus on cold-water diving, drysuit training, and comprehensive career preparation, we’ll give you the tools you need to succeed in this competitive field. 

Imagine having the skills to document scientific research, create stunning promotional materials for dive resorts, or even work on documentaries that inspire the world. This is your opportunity to dive into a career that’s as fulfilling as it is exciting. 

Don’t Miss This Incredible Opportunity! 

This is your chance to learn from a legend in the world of underwater photography and videography. It’s a chance to transform your hobby into a career and make a splash in the underwater industry. 

Don’t let this opportunity slip away! Contact our enrolment team at info@divesafe.com to learn more and secure your spot in this transformative course. Your diving career awaits! 

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