The Crew

KELLY KOROL - Director of Training

Kelly Korol Director of Training DIVESAFE International

Kelly Korol  - DiveSafe International’s co-founder .    Kelly began his diving adventures in 1977  in Edmonton, Alberta.  From there Kelly moved to Vernon in the beautiful Okanagan Valley where he continued diving and started his commercial diving career. As he started working on larger and larger dive projects in the 1980s, he soon realized he needed more training so in 1984, he went to the College of Oceaneering in Los Angeles CA, where he graduated with his Air/Mixed gas Bell Saturation diploma and an Associate of Applied Science degree.


Kelly Korol Director of Training DIVESAFE International

Upon returning to Canada, he worked the coast of BC doing everything from construction diving, pulp mill and hydro dam work as well as seafood harvesting and film industry diving and aquaculture. In 1996 Kelly was offered the Head Instructor position for Commercial Diving at North Island College, and he happily accepted. At the time, WorkSafe BC changed its regulations and required all commercial divers to have training to the CSA Standard. As Head instructor he represented all Western Canadian commercial divers including seafood harvesters, the aquaculture, construction divers & film industry and scientific divers and trained hundreds of divers bringing them up to commercial diving standards and helped define commercial dive regulations as they have evolved to the current day.


Now, Kelly owns his own commercial dive school with his co-founder Catherine.   Today, Divesafe International is the largest commercial dive school in Canada and has plans to keep growing. Kelly’s passion for teaching and commercial diving is evident in the care and passion he brings to the business.

Kelly remains an active member in CADC, DCBC and CSA Technical Dive committees which set standards for commercial diving.  He works as a diving consultant for national and international companies.  

"Our goal is to build the finest dive school in Canada and the world and assist our graduates in finding the underwater career they desire" - Kelly K.

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Catherine Korol - Director of Finances/Admin 

Catherine Korol

Catherine is co-founder of DiveSafe International - along with her partner Kelly.  Together they started DiveSafe International 17 years ago.  Now DiveSafe in known as Canada's Leader in commercial dive training and Internationally recognized as one of the best commercial dive schools in the world.   

Catherine is island born and comes from a large commercial fishing family.    She graduated with her BA from University of BC and is responsible for daily operations management and strategic business development. 



Stephen White – Head Instructor: Surface Supply

Two men stand together on a large barge. The man on the right is Steve in a blue raincoat.

For Steve, diving is not just a career; it has been his life since he was a child. Growing up on Prince
Edward Island, Steve was always in and around the water, not even jellyfish stings would stop him
from freediving to marvel at the sea life. When his older sister obtained her recreational diving
certificate, it was the spark that lit his passion for a career in diving. As early as grade 10 he knew
there was nothing else he would rather do.

Steve has trained in Commercial Diving, Saturation Diving, Underwater Welding, Diver Medic
Training, and has his Adult Education teaching Diploma. His work as a diver has allowed him to work
many varied and exciting jobs all over the world. He has worked as a freelance diver, he worked as
an offshore diver searching for oil near Nova Scotia, he worked as a saturation diver in the oilfields
of South East Asia, the Persian Gulf, India, and Trinidad. A local college asked him to help start an
underwater welding program, and Steve’s love of teaching started there. He achieved his teaching
diploma with University of NB and Diver Medic Training in Marseille, France.

Along with a globe-trotting lifestyle, and an adventurous and in-demand job, diving also helped him
to find love while entertaining a crowd at the local yacht club with stories of his dives. It was there
he met his wife and they have been together for 38 years. Their well-travelled daughter now teaches
in China.

Steve is excited to share his wealth of experience while teaching at DIVESAFE International. Diving
has afforded him many opportunities to travel and allowed him to build an exciting and satisfying
career. He is always ready with a funny story and practical advice to share with anyone who will
listen. And states

“Having seen most of the diver training establishments around the world I find DiveSafe International
is definitely one of the best”

One of his favourite university professors shared a quote that stuck in Steve’s mind and shapes the
way he teaches today.

“They do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Steve cares about every single one of his students. His aim is that students who complete his course
leave not just with a Surface Supply accreditation, but with the knowledge and attitude that will help
them build an excellent career in commercial diving. Steve has loved every minute of his diving career and is now ready to inspire DiveSafe students to
find their own diving career path.


PETER BUDDEN - Dive Supervisor: SCUBA & SURFACE Supply courses

Peter  grew up in Vancouver and has been diving since 1991. He travelled extensively after high school, backpacking through the UK and Europe, the Middle East and further... Settling in the UK for a time. Upon returning from abroad he trained in Commercial Diving with Kelly Korol at NORTH Island College and thus began his career in Commercial Diving.

Peter Budden DIVESAFE Instructor

Peter is extremely knowledgeable about the Aquaculture Dive Industry, but has also worked in environmental assessment diving, construction diving and harvesting.  Peter is responsible for the COMMERCIAL SCUBA program and the Restricted Surface Supply Diver Program at DiveSafe International. He is in touch with the industry and can help you find work upon graduation.

To get more information on the DIVESAFE courses contact Peter by email at:



ADRIAN HEAL - Dive Supervisor: Commercial SCUBA & Surface Supply Courses

Adrian Heal DIVESAFE Instructor

Adrian was born in Hamilton, Ontario but spent the majority of his life living in Barbados. He started scuba diving at an early age and ended up getting married to his Open Water instructor. Together they owned a dive shop for a few years called Dive Pro Barbados. He then went on to pursue commercial diving.   Adrian spent six years working offshore in the Caribbean.

Adrian Heal DIVESAFE Instructor

He became a saturation diver in 2010 and ran a commercial diving company for several years. In 2014 Adrian and his family moved to the West Coast and joined DiveSafe International as a full time commercial diving instructor and supervisor. He is highly skilled with mechanics, welding and generally anything on  "THE Kraken". You can find him working on the dive helmets or welding on the dive barge.



JAMES "Reggie" LATHAM - Dive Supervisor: Commercial SCUBA / Restricted Surface Supply / 1st aid & PADI Courses

Reggie Latham DIVESAFE Instructor

Reggie has been working in the dive industry most of his adult life. He is one of our Commercial SCUBA Diver and Restricted Surface Supply Instructors. 

Reggie is originally from London, England and learned to dive whilst at University on the south coast exploring historic WWII wrecks and beautiful cold water reefs of the UK. After years of cold water experience, he packed his bag(and dive kit) and headed out to explore Europe and then the Caribbean. Along the way he gained more professional diving qualifications up to PADI Instructor.

 Reggie Latham Divesafe Instructor 

Reggie eventually landed in the Cayman Islands where he met the love of his life and they spent 5 years working as dive instructors and guides. Teaching all levels of recreational qualifications from Open water to Divemaster.

Reggie trained to the Commercial SCUBA Diver and Surface Supply Diver levels here at DiveSafe International a while back and has been out working in the field ever since, gaining invaluable experience in the aquaculture, environmental assessment diving, & search and recovery fields. His path has now come full circle and he is now a valued member of our instructional and commercial dive team.

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MAXWEL HOHN - Dive Supervisor: Commercial SCUBA Diver & Surface Supply Courses

Maxwel grew up in Pender Harbour, BC. He became a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor when he was 18 in Utila, Honduras. For 8 years he travelled abroad working from country to country as a diving instructor at resorts, dive centres and on private yachts. He has experience working as a deckhand on commercial fishing vessels in Alaska and around the coast of BC.

Maxwel Hohn west coast diving DIVESAFE Instructor

At DiveSafe Maxwel is our commercial SCUBA Dive Supervisor for the Occupational SCUBA and Surface Supply programs. His passion is underwater photography/video  and you can see his photos all over our website.  Check out his cool photography and drone videos online!

Maxwel has worked all over Canada.   The majority of his commercial diving experience has been on civil projects, seafood harvesting and environmental assessment projects around Vancouver Island, Northern BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan



Heather Kidd - Office and Admissions Manager

Heather is who you may reach when you call the dive store. She has extensive experience in the dive industry and can help you through the application process, gear choices, divers guesthouse and financing.

She was born on Vancouver Island & after graduation moved to Australia where she travelled and trained for her Open water Diver. She returned to Canada to attend Capilano Colleges PADI Instructor program. Upon completion she did her practicum with SCUBA Caribe in Mexico, living and teaching diving in Cozumel and Playa de Carmen.

Heather Kidd DIVESAFE staff

She then moved to Grand Cayman where she met her life partner and fellow dive enthusiast. They spent 5 years in the Caymans, three years with Ocean Frontiers then moved to little Cayman. She has travelled all over the Carribean and now calls Campbell River and DIVESAFE her home!

Heather says some of her most memorable experiences were shark tagging, swimming with a pod of dolphins - (UNDERWATER)! But she most remembers when she jumped off the boat in snorkel gear, landing on a feeding Tiger Shark!

She is now settled into DiveSafe International, Heather loves to teach all levels of PADI courses and is a natural on the boats. Call Heather and she can further your diving education!

Contact Heather by email: