Unrestricted Surface Supply Diver

Course length:    840 hours

Attention:  COVID-19 changes to the program - contact the DiveSafe office for information. info@divesafe.com
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The Big Kahuna!     

Do you want to be an underwater welder, work offshore, engineering diver, marine construction diver - this is the program to take.

UnRestricted Surface Supply Diver (50m) with Occupational SCUBA & Commercial Nitrox - 3 certifications!

Upon completion the graduate will achieve DCBC (Diver Certification Board of Canada) international certification to the CSA standards for Unrestricted Surface Supply Diver 50m.  This certification allows the diver to conduct commercial  diving operations using surface supplied diving equipment to a  maximum depth of the training provided.   The working categories include but are not limited to, seafood harvesting, aquaculture, underwater engineering inspections, archeologicalDivesafe training investigation, police operations,  underwater film production and emergency services rescue operations, offshore oilfield diver, burning, underwater welding, jetting, underwater construction, bridge inspection, heavy construction, Dam maintenance and repairs, salvage work, hull inspections, pipeline maintenance and much more.

Click here to access our Thinkific online theory bundle for the Unrestricted Surface Supply course.

Key Course Information:

Course hours: Full-time 8:00am to 5:00pm (Monday to Saturday )(weekend and evening work will be required)

  • COVID-19 protocols - due to updated social distancing protocols related to COVID-19 pandemic.  The following protocols are now in place at DIVESAFE International.
    • We have strict social distancing enforced.
    • masks are provided for all students
    • strict hand washing protocols 
    • incoming students report health status on a regular basis
    • quarantine/self isolation report for students arriving from out of province.
    • ONLINE LEARNING - available for all courses - this will shorten your time at DIVESAFE doing actual dive training. Students are required to complete portions of the online training prior to arrival.
    • Classes now run Monday to Saturday with homework/assignments on Sunday.  This enables the class to isolate as a group with little to no outside contact.  And provides a quicker turnaround/completion time.
    • Student loans still apply for this program.

Course pre-requisites: In order to enrol in this course the applicant must:Divesafe student

  • complete a CSA Divers Medical and be certified as "Fit for Diving" by a DCBC recognized Physician
  • have a recreational 'open water' diver certification from a recognized agency upon graduation
  • 19 years of age or high school graduation. 

This course also includes: 

  • 1st aid for divers (WHMIS, Oxygen therapy, 1st aid)
  • Dive Accident Management  
  • Commercial/Occupational SCUBA Diver
  • Commercial Nitrox Diver

Course Outline:  Be the best you can be...train in the ocean!

  • Umbilical assembly, maintenance and repairs, diving helmets, tools including welding, cutting, chainsaw, dredging, drilling
  • Diving Helmets (3 types), valves and fittings
  • Tools including welding, chainsaw, dredging, drilling
  • Hot water suits, Chamber operations
  • Low-Pressure air compressors - Bottom surveys
  • Low Pressure air systems - Hardwire communications
  • High Pressure air systems
  • Search and recovery & emergency procedures
  • Air lift and suction dredging, rack manifold operations,
  • Breathing air filtration
  • Pressure & Volume requirements
  • Industry regulations
  • Line pull signals & vessel salvage. low vis diving, hazard recognition
  • Topside dive tender skills
  • Rigging for divers

NOTE:  We are no longer charging the $250 application fee.  

Application Fee:  $250 

Online Study Materials - 2950 + GST

Books - 295.00 + gst

Tuition - 22,000

Certification Fees - 165.00

Other Fees:  $5800 - this is an approximate cost for persona dive equipment

Certification:  DCBC (Diver Certification Board of Canada) certification, DIVESAFE International certifications.

This program is approved by the

  • DCBC(Diver Certification Board of Canada) 
  • PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch)
  • Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Note:  Tuition fees are tax exempt.  T2202A CRA tax forms will be sent to students in February after your graduating year.



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