Dive Equipment - IMPORTANT


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Your dive equipment is an important part of your diving experience.  You will need a full set of personal dive equipment including a good quality drysuit in order to attend the commercial dive course.

                                 DiveSafe has a fully equiped dive store!

           Student receive 10% discounts on all equipment purchases!


  • mask/fins/snorkel
  • gloves (commercial in nature)
  • medic alert necklace (included in the books package)
  • DRYSUIT - with boots and hood
  • Regulator with 1st, 2nd and octopus
  • Gauges - Dive Computer, Pressure gauge and compass
  • BCD Buoyancy compensator
  • Weight Belt or weight harness with weight
  • Divers light
  • Divers knife
  • Divers Slater - wrist style best
  • SMB Surface Marker Buoy
  • Divers bag - to haul gear around


  • Full face mask
  • Save a dive kit
  • weight harness
  • repair items (see dive equipment form)

To request equipment, complete the form here.....   Dive Equipment Form     

Or call the Divesafe office at 250-287-3837  email at: info@divesafe.com

RESTRICTED SURFACE SUPPLY students only...  All students are required to supply their own Drysuit with inflator whip, hood and fins, dive knife, light, slate, gear bag and medic alert necklace.