Commercial Scuba Diver

Also known as Occupational SCUBA Diver/ Aquaculture Diver/Scientific DiverDivesafe graduates

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This course will give the graduate certification to the CSA standards for an Occupational Scuba Diver. The CSA standards are recognized worldwide as a leader in setting the standard for Commercial diving. They are represented internationally by the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC). This certification allows the diver to conduct commercial diving operations using scuba equipment to a maximum depth of 30 metres (100 feet).

Work in aquaculture diving, seafood harvesting, engineering Divesafe International commercial scuba diverand environmental inspections, archaeological investigation, public safety diving, search and recovery, police operations, small vessel maintenance and underwater film/video production.

Key Course Information:

Course length:  200 hours

  • Course hours: Full time 8:30am to 5pm (Monday to Saturday and some Sunday and evening work)
  • COVID-19 protocols - due to updated social distancing protocols related to COVID-19 pandemic.  The following protocols are now in place at DIVESAFE International.
    • Max class size of 10 students - with strict social distancing enforced.
    • masks are provided for all students
    • strict hand washing protocols 
    • incoming students report health status on a regular basis
    • no international students until government has lifted the border closure rules
    • quarantine/self isolation report for students arriving from out of province.
    • ONLINE LEARNING - available for all courses - this will shorten your time at DIVESAFE doing actual dive training.Student are required to complete portions of the online training prior to arrival.
    • Classes now run Monday to Saturday with homework/assignments on Sunday.  This enables the class to isolate as a group with little to no outside contact.  And provides a quick turnaround/completion time.


Course Pre-requisites:

In order to enroll in this course the applicant must:

  • Complete a CSA Divers Medical and be certified as "Fit for Diving" by a DCBC recognized Physician.
  • Have a basic recreational SCUBA certification through a recognized agency (Or take Divesafe's Open Water)
  • have a minimum 20 logged dives within the last 12 months. (or take Divesafe's Commercial Prep Week)


These are just some of the comments from our most recent graduating class!...

  • Great Instructors!   
  • Great Course!, thank you!
  • The diving locations were a great place to learn.  
  • Best course I've ever taken, keep doing what you guys are clearly the best at.   
  • My boss is a graduate of DiveSafe!   
  • I have been training for years and this is some of the best I've seen!

Included in the course:

  • Dive Accident Management
  • 1st aid for Divers - Oxygen therapy
  • 1st aid for Divers - WHMIS
  • 1st aid for Divers - EFR
  • Occupational Nitrox

These courses are available through DiveSafe Intl. during the Occupational/Commercial  SCUBA program or you can get these courses before the program begins. - (Copies of your certificates need to be on file before the start of the program) 

ONLINE LEARNING PORTION:  the online learning portal is now open and student are required to access this portal and complete the online theory prior to arrival for the practical portion of the training.

Contact the DiveSafe office for more details and to sign up...

What you will learn...

  • Underwater navigation & environmental survey work
  • Underwater search and recovery, hand tools, knot tying,
  • Seamanship, vessel docking, ocean environment
  • Full face mask diving, low vis diving, hull inspections, zinc changes
  • Current diving & Dive rescue, 
  • Life line / tether line diving, digital imaging
  • Aquaculture diving techniques

Registration Fee - 150.00

Online Study Materials - 1750 + GST 

Books - 295.00+GST

Tuition - 6500

Certification Fees - 110.00

Other Fees: $5800 - this is an estimate -  for personal diving equipment

Certifications:  DCBC (Diver Certification Board of Canada) certification, DIVESAFE International certifications


This program is approved by:

  • Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC)
  • Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) 
  • Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. 

Note: tuition fees are tax exempt.  T2202A CRA tax forms will be sent to students in February after your graduating year.




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