Commercial Dive Supervisor

This course is designed to certify experienced Commercial

Divers to the CSA Level of Dive Supervisor.

Graduates of this program are certified to lead a dive team on commercial dive operations. This course emphasizes leadership skills, risk assessment, industry regulations, and professionalism. Certification is required for supervisors in some provinces and soon in BC.



Prior to acceptance into this course, the applicant must have in place the following prerequisites:

For Commercial SCUBA Divers:

1.    Certification as a CSA level commercial Scuba diver (or equivalent) by a recognized certifying agency (WCB of BC, DCBC, ADAS, HSE, Etc.)

For Restricted Surface Supply Divers

1.    Certification as a CSA level restricted surface supply diver (or equivalent) by a recognized certifying agency (WCB of BC, DCBC, ADAS, HSE, Etc.)

Course Duration:

This course is designed to run a duration of 40 hours with.

Normal contact hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm with a 30-minute lunch break. Course hours may be modified to reflect the abilities of the learner or the number of learners. Course contact hours do not include suggested homework times and extra-curricular activities.


Course Content:

This Dive Supervisor course will cover occupational dive theory outlined in CSA Z275.5-05 which includes elements of supervising, motivation and communication, legal responsibilities, Health and Safety, Site Emergencies and accident investigation, dive accident management and management planning.

Topics addressed within course:

  • Module 1: Elements of Supervising
  • Module 2: Motivation and Communication
  • Module 3: Legal Responsibilities
  • Module 4: Occupational Health and Safety regulations
  • Module 5: Health and Safety
  • Module 6: Emergencies and accident investigation
  • Module 7: Dive Accident prevention/planning and management.

Course Schedule

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4 Campbell River