Occupational Scuba Diver

Do you want to start work as a Commercial SCUBA Diver fast!? Make $300-$350 per day the day after Graduation? This is the course for you!!

Your Occupational SCUBA Diver certification is the first step to becoming a Commercial SCUBA Diver and is integral to working in Seafood Harvesting, Aquaculture, Scientific Diving and so much more!

Are you ready to begin your underwater career? The Commercial Scuba Diver course is a short, but thorough program that will give you the training and expertise to enter your chosen career with confidence.
Upon completion, graduates are certified to CSA standards as an Occupational Scuba Diver, allowing them to conduct commercial diving operations using scuba equipment to a maximum depth of 30 metres (100 feet).

Career opportunities include aquaculture diving, seafood harvesting (urchins and sea cucumbers-visit the PUHA website for more information in this career), engineering, environmental inspections, archaeological investigation, public safety diving, search and recovery, police operations, small vessel maintenance, and underwater film/video production.

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SCUBA Full Face

Week days 8:30am to 4:30pm. Weekend and evening homework required.

Open Water (PADI, NAUI, etc.)
18 years of age
Divers Medical
Diver Technician Course (Coming Soon)
Commercial Nitrox Diver
PADI Package

What you will learn...

Be the best you can be...train in the ocean!

Program Fees

Train for real-world situations with a 100% in-ocean course.

Online Study Materials - $1750 + GST
Books - $295 + GST
Tuition - $7995
Certification Fees - $110
Other Fees: $7000 - this is an estimate - for personal diving equipment

Certifications: DCBC (Diver Certification Board of Canada) certification, DIVESAFE International certifications

This program is approved by the :
DCBC(Diver Certification Board of Canada)
PTIB (Private Training Institutions Branch)
Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training (AEST).

Note: Tuition fees are tax exempt. T2202A CRA tax forms will be sent to students in February after your graduating year.

Program Schedule

July 10thUnrestricted Surface Supply DiverAlready Diving
July 24thRestricted Surface Supply DiverAlready Diving
Oct 09Occupational SCUBA Diver3 Seats Remaining
Nov 20thOccupational SCUBA Diver1 Seat Remaining
Dec 18thKMDSI technician courseEnroll Now
Dec 21stCommercial Dive Supervisor courseEnroll Now
Jan 8th, 2024Unrestricted Surface Supply6 Seats Remaining
Feb 20th, 2024Occupational SCUBA DiverEnroll Now

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