Birdhouses underwater? You bet….

Birdhouses underwater? You bet….



Birdhouses and boxes underwater? Absolutely, terrific skills development project. Engages all your underwater problem solving skills, did we mention wood floats :)

Working with wood and hand tools is a very different experience underwater. Not to mention, the engineer’s blue prints are very specific. Measurements need to be spot on so the students take squares and tape measures with them. Sometimes we’ll even let them take pencils, but nails work just as well for scoring the wood. The final product needs to be able to hold concrete so straight cuts and straight nails are critical.

During the occupational SCUBA course, students are required to take on the box building project. The purpose of this project is to test the diver, it can be quite frustrating underwater, and a commercial diver needs to be in complete control of his/her faculties, all the time.

The key is to consider the consequences of your actions before you take one. Did we mention, wood floats :)

The students need to adjust for currents, visibility, buoyancy and much more… it is a surprisingly difficult task.

For students continuing on with the Surface Supply program, the box project now becomes the BIRDHOUSE project. It is amazing the BIRDHOUSES that our students build underwater. This simple box technique now becomes a level more complicated with 45 degree angles, holes to drill, more pieces to deal with, and a variety of different measurements to factor in. Check out what some of our grads have built underwater!

Occupational SCUBA and Surface Supply Courses are running throughout the year. or fb message us for more information.

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