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For more than 12 years, DiveSafe International has been leading the way in commercial dive training. Helping people make a career out of commercial diving. Since 2005 we have been offering top-notch training in commercial and recreational diving and have earned a reputation as one of Canada’s leaders in commercial dive training. Hundreds of students have graduated from our dive programs and are now gainfully employed in the industry as commercial divers...

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What sets the DIVESAFE program apart? All our diving is in the ocean. It’s this real world experience of diving in the ocean and all the challenges that it brings that gives DiveSafe graduates the best possible training and preparation for starting out in  the commercial dive industry. On top of that we have The KRAKEN! Our 90 ft. specially designed dive barge. She’s a beauty! We also have 2 more dive vessels dedicated to Commercial SCUBA & Surface Supply. AND... We get you job opportunities!… Dive companies call us for our grads! Join our alumni fb page and keep in touch and you will have first access to commercial dive work…

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NEW PROGRAM!! COMBINE Commercial SCUBA with the PADI Divemaster PROGRAM ! DVG200 Commercial SCUBA & PADI Divemaster Training

15 weeks of adventure and thrills! Double training with DIVESAFE International. The PADI Divemaster will train you to work worldwide, in dive resorts, on charter boats and dive retail. Commercial SCUBA will get you work local in the coastal communities, film industry, seafood harvesting and more... Call now for more information! 1-250-287-3837

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The wreck of the Achates

One of our more favoured dive sites is near Gowlland Harbour next to a place we like to call 'Lone Tree'. In a depth of about 30 metres lies the wreck of the Achates. She was a hundred foot long wooden steam tug built in Vancouver in 1908. Many vessels like the Achates spent their careers along the B.C. coast...

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