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DiveSafe International - British Columbia - courses for professional divers DiveSafe International - British Columbia - courses for professional divers

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DIVESAFE International is an internationally recognized world class Commercial Diving School or "technical trade school" located on Vancouver Island.   We specialize  in Commercial Dive Training for Inland and Offshore careers.  We exceed Canadian CSA and DCBC regulatory standards for training.   At DiveSafe International we are focused on the highest level of education and excellence in training and also concentrate on the students personal development, career planning and communication. 

We have been working in the industry for over 40 years and leading the way in commercial dive training for over 30 years.    

             Our passion is commercial dive training   

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What sets the DIVESAFE program apart? All our diving is in the ocean. It’s this real world experience of diving in the ocean and all the challenges that it brings that gives DiveSafe graduates the best possible training and preparation for starting out in  the commercial dive industry. On top of that we have The KRAKEN! Our 90 ft. specially designed dive barge. She’s a beauty! We also have 2 more dive vessels dedicated to Commercial SCUBA & Surface Supply. AND... We get you job opportunities!… Dive companies call us for our grads! Join our alumni fb page and keep in touch and you will have first access to commercial dive work…

AND FUNDING! - call us - our administration office can help with possible options....

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Diver's needed!

Our recent Unrestricted surface supply class graduated on December 14 , 2018. This group was particularly motivated when it came to finding work after they graduated. Typically presented towards the end of the course, they wanted their career opportunities day at an early stage of the program and were sending resumes after just a few weeks. This enticed a couple...

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Campbell River - Gateway to wilderness

We are a young, vibrant & growing city! Situated on Discovery Passage at the mid point of Vancouver Island's east coast, Campbell River is a natural ocean travel and distribution gateway, providing access by road, sea and air to northern Vancouver Island and the coast regions. Campbell River is enhanced by the unlimited access to ever changing ocean views and...

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This is where we train and work! Dolphins, orcas, eagles, seals (loads of seals), sea lions, otters and so much more. This is just a few of the critters that are part of our every day life at DIVESAFE. Of course we also get the amazing weather; summers with vast blue skies, oceans so clear you can practically touch the...

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