"Best Instructor I have had in all my years of schooling"
- Grad
"I liked the short course time"
- student
"I really enjoyed the flexible approach the instructor(s) took in allowing students to address and solve problems on our own and learn through experience"
- Inshore Surface Supply
Impressed with the quality of instruction!
- Graduate
"Kelly and his team are very well known in the industry"
- Sasha
"This course took my career to a new level"
- Mike
Instructors were fun and professional - I had a great time.
- Grad
"I appreciate all the staffs commitment. They genuinely want you to succeed"
- Matt
Very good and knowledgable instructors. Thank you
- CSD Grad
Loved the location, the marina is the best
- Happy Grad
You have a great program, and also a great staff, it was a pleasure being able to come out and take your course.
- RSS Grad
They have told me that I am way more prepared than any other starting employee they have ever had. That's where I owe everyone there thanks. I feel confident in what I am doing, and it has shown. I want to thank everyone there for teaching me what it takes to be a diver, and giving me the knowledge and confidence I need.
- T. Carnahan
Excellent school, awesome instructors. I am so glad I went to DiveSafe, they have helped me to get lots of work after graduation!
- James
The instructors were professional and fun, I appreciated the constructive criticism. The projects were hard but teach you a lot.
- SCUBA Grad 2017
I did not really know what to expect from a commercial dive course, but Divesafe provided a great experience and a course that more than prepares you for the diving industry. Also incredibly helpful getting work for recent graduates. I had three or four opportunities right out of school thanks to the Divesafe staff. All in all I learned a lot and had a great time doing it. Still have nightmares about that birdhouse though!
- Paul Hinton
Divesafe gave me the skills needed to be a commercial diver. All of the instructors are top notch and have a ton of knowledge to share. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. DiveSafe grad 2016
- Kane Punnett
I finished the commercial scuba class and swim away impressed, educated, and supported. The training and equipment are top notch and the staff are friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable. I go out into the underwater world equipped with practical skills while knowing Divesafe is there for me, like a family, providing, support, encouragement, job postings, and advice. If I could give more stars in this review I would! DiveSafe Grad 2016
- Rob Field
Ongoing support and contact about future opportunities has lead to work immediately after the course. Biological surveys, boat work and now on a urchin harvester Kirby. Rock on Divesafe!! Couldn't be more prepared. DiveSafe International Education
- Matthew Kirby
Ahoy just completed my occupational unrestricted scuba with nitrox last week. What a jumpstart into the commercial diving world. Divesafe has an outstanding dive and ofifice staff helping you all the way though.
- Matthew Kirby
From the beginning they were extremely well organized and clear with a complete class and dive schedule. That definitely helped me complete the course by knowing which day what sections were being covered and allowed me proper preparation prior.
- Matthew Kirby
The SCUBA course was both exciting and educating and the instructors are knowledgeable 10/10 I would refer this course to anyone.
- SCUBA Grad 2017
I really enjoyed the projects. They were great ways to get experience using tools underwater. Before the barrel project I had only used a come-along once on the surface, I learned to use it pretty quick during that project! The bird house project was really fun and way more difficult than I thought it was going to be! - Ethan SCUBA Grad May 2017
- DiveSafe Grad 2017
I like the diversity of each others experience and how it shaped my own. Where you help someone in one area, they often can help in another. - Robert SCUBA Grad May 2017
- Grad 2017
Awesome instructors who are knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I learned tons of practical diving skills im going to use in the commercial diving industry. - Alec SCUBA Grad May 2017
- 2017 SCUBA Grad

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Diving NEWS

June 12, 2017 - Marine construction company on the East Coast looking for commercial divers. Contact Heather for more information info [at] divesafe [dot] com (info [at] divesafe [dot] com) 1250-287-3837

June 6, 2017 - Dive company in Brisbane, Australia that specializes in civil construction is looking for Unrestricted Surface Supply Divers with Occupational SCUBA. Must have work permit to work in Australia. Contact DiveSafe for more information - info [at] divesafe [dot] com (info [at] divesafe [dot] com)

May 23, 2017 - Aquaculture company on the East coast looking for Occupational Divers and Dive Supervisors. Contact DiveSafe for more information - info [at] divesafe [dot] com (info [at] divesafe [dot] com) 1250-287-3837

May 18, 2017 - Local Aquaculture company looking for full time Operations Manager. Contact DiveSafe for more information - info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837

May 11, 2017 - Dive company looking for full time Project Technician. Must have DCBC certifications, University degree (Preference -BSC -Biology), familiarity with timber structures; marine structures, able to travel on short notice, WCB Medical, all 1st Aids. Call or email Heather for more information - info [at] divesafe [dot] com  1250-287-3837.

May 4, 2017 - Vancouver Island dive company looking for 2 divers with Commercial SCUBA and Surface Supply. Must have current 1st Aids, WCB Medical and DCBC. Call or email Heather for more information -  info [at] divesafe [dot] com  1250-287-3837

May 1, 2017 - Commercial SCUBA Divers & Surface Supply Divers Needed! ....West Coast Aquaculture Diving company looking for 3-4 Commercial divers. Divers must be DCBC certified, with current medical and 1st aid certs. Commercial SCUBA and Surface Supply preferred. Email the DiveSafe Office for details.  info [at] divesafe [dot] com 

April 28, 2017 - Commercial SCUBA Diver?....Local aquarium looking for Occupational SCUBA divers for Animal Operations. Must have current DCBC, DAM, O2 Therapy, 1st Aid and WCB Divers Medical, Zoology or Marine Biology Degree. Call or email Heather for more information info [at] divesafe [dot] com  1250-287-3837

April 27, 2017 - Local aquaculture company urgently looking for 3-4 divers with Commercial SCUBA and Surface Supply or just Surface Supply to start next week. Must have current DAM, O2 Therapy, DCBC and WCB Medical. Call or email Heather for more information -  info [at] divesafe [dot] com  1250-287-3837

April 26, 2017 - Local aquarium looking for Occupational SCUBA divers for Animal Operations. Must have current DCBC, DAM, O2 Therapy, 1st Aid and WCB Divers Medical, Zoology or Marine Biology Degree. Call or email Heather for more information  info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837


April 19, 2017   Commercial Dive Job(s) Grand Manan.  DIVESAFE grads contact our office for more info:  info [at] divesafe [dot] com                                  ....more to come.......

Here's some info: 

You must meet the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) CAN/CSA-Z275.4-02 Competency Standard for Diving Operations section 5. Unrestricted SCUBA Diver; be in possession of a valid commercial diver’s medical from a physician approved by WorkSafeNB and have current basic first aid, CPR and oxygen administration certificates from a recognized provider.

The ideal candidate will have excellent people management and communication skills with experience in a deadline driven, fast paced environment, should possess a minimum of 2 years diving experience. Experience and/or training in Aquaculture diving will be considered an asset. Travel may be required.

Salary commensurate with experience which includes a competitive health and dental benefit package.

April 18, 2017  -SD61 School District is hosting a Career Fair in Victoria this Thursday.  Come out and talke to us about your commercial diving career.  THere are lots of jobs and pay is good.  


April 12, 2017: Dive company looking for Occupational SCUBA diver for work in Victoria Harbour Monday April 17, 2017. Must have up to date DCBC, DAM, O2 and 1st Aid. Call or email Heather for more information. info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837

April 4, 2017: Aquaculture company on Vancouver Island looking for Surface Supply divers with Commercial SCUBA. Must have up to date medical, 1st aid, DAM and O2. Call or email Heather for more information. - info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837

March 28, 2017: Company in New Brunswick looking for Unrestricted Surface Supplied divers. Must have up to date medical, MED, 1st Aid, Small Vessel Operator Proficient, DAM & O2 Therapy. Call or email Heather for more information - info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837

March 22, 2017: Company in Alberta looking for Unrestricted Surface Supplied divers. Must have up to date medical, 1st aid and DCBC certifications. Call or email Heather for more information - info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837

March 21, 2017: East Coast aquaculture company looking for Commercial SCUBA divers. Must have up to date medical, 1st aid tickets and DCBC certification. Call or email Heather for more information - info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837

March 20, 2017 - DiveSafe International is looking for a deckhand to work on our barge. Commercial dive certs and experience on boats an asset. Part time to start. Please send resumes to info [at] divesafe [dot] com (i)nfo [at] divesafe [dot] com Must be Canadian citizen or have a valid work permit.


March 20, 2017 - DiveSafe International is looking for a Padi dive instructor for part time/contract work. Must have cold water teaching experience. Please send resumes to info [at] divesafe [dot] com (i)nfo [at] divesafe [dot] com - Must be Canadian citizen or have valid work permit.


March 8, 2017 - Dive company in Victoria looking for a tender for 2 days starting tomorrow March 9, 2017.  Must have Current Dive Accident Management, Oxygen Therapy and 1st Aid. 

call or email DiveSafe for more information.  info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837


February 27, 2017 - Seafood harvesting boat looking for diver starting March 5, 2017. Must have all up to date certifications and medical. Call or email DiveSafe for more information.  info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837


February 17, 2017 - Dive company in Alberta looking for Unrestricted Surface Supply Divers.  Must have up to date certs and medical.  Email info [at] divesafe [dot] com for details.


February 16, 2017 -  DiveSafe is offering Nitrox refresher course free to Divesafe grads.  Contact Heather at info [at] divesafe [dot] com for details.


December 1st, 2016 - Hey All, In the past few weeks we have had A LOT of companies call us looking for our grads, so far we have not been able to fill all of the positions. If you are a grad looking for work or a potential student considering courses with DiveSafe International contact us ASAP WE HAVE LOTS OF WORK OPPORTUNITIES. info [at] divesafe [dot] com 1250-287-3837



Nov 24th, 2016 - surface supply and commercial scuba jobs - All our grads - call the office


October 18, 2016 -  Seafood harvest diver needed:  Cukes and urchins.  will be working on a dive vessel with a small crew.  DiveSafe Grads Call the office for details.


October 16, 2016 Dive Job;  local vancouver island company needs a commercial diver for a 6 day job.  No experience necessary.  Contact office for details.  -   


Sept 24, 3016 - Vancouver Island Aquaculture company looking for certified divers.  Posted in the local Campbell RIver newspaper.


Sept 13, 2016  Diver needed for seafood harvesting season..    Must have commercial scuba certification with all first aids and divers medical.  Must be personable as you will be out on a dive boat with your crew.  Contact Peter to discuss the position.  250-287-3837


Sept 13, 2016  


Sept 13, 2016  Dive tender job:  will be working with a crew on a boat.  Part time to start, may turn into fulltime for the right candidate.  Call the office for contact information.


Sept 13, 2016  Commercial Dive Job:  Must have commercial scuba certifications, and all first aids and medical valid and current.  Parttime to start.  Call DiveSafe for contact information.

Aug 13, 2016  JOB Opportunity:  1 surface supply diver needed - 1 day job - call DIVESAFE


Aug 12, 2016 JOB Opportunity:  1 surface supply diver needed - Saturday job - call DIVESAFE office

Aug 10, 2016  JOB Opportunity:  2 surface supply divers needed - call DIVESAF


Aug 4, 2016  JOB Opportunity:  Aquaculture divers needed, working west coast TOFINO area and Campbell River area.  Call the office for more information.  Commercial SCUBA and Surface Supply certifications needed.


July 29th, 2016   Surface Supply students are graduating today!  Way to go class!  


July 15, 2016   JOB Opportunity.   Well known manufacturing company located in Victoria looking for inside sales person with technician abilities and commercial dive training.  


July 3, 2016 DIVE JOBS:  local dive company looking for up to 6 divers.  Must have allCommercial SCUBA certs and medical current.  Part time to start but may work into full time.


June 28th, 2016:    Dive Tender job - seafood harvesting boat.  4 days and potential for more.  Need all commercial scuba certifications up to date and diver medical.  Food supplied, leave from Campbell River marina.  Call the office for contact info. - Position filled


June 23, 2016:  Kelly will be hosting an information night in Burnaby 7pm at the Holiday Inn Express Metro Town,  Capliano Room  Call 1250-287-3837 or email info [at] divesafe [dot] com for more information.



 February 17, 2017 - Campbell River Dive school offers 'the ultimate' diving course:



DiveSafe International’s new Unrestricted Surface Supply dive course will prepare graduates for a wide variety of in-demand underwater careers. / DIVE SAFE



The Big Kahuna, the Full Monty, the big ticket, the real deal – however you want to put it, a new course being offered by Campbell River’s DiveSafe International is said to be the ultimate commercial diving training program.


For the first time ever, DiveSafe International is offering an Unrestricted Surface Supply (50 metre) course, set to begin Jan. 23.


“We’re super excited to get this new training program going,” says Kelly Korol, DiveSafe International’s owner and Director of Training. “It truly is the ultimate dive course. For anyone who has dreamed of becoming a commercial diver, this is the course to take – we cover it all!”


Unrestricted Surface Supply certification is recognized globally for both off-shore and in-shore diving work. The “50-metre ticket” includes deep-water training, construction, underwater welding and hyperbaric chamber operations, as well as in-class theory lessons.


Upon completion of the 20-week course, graduates will be certified to find employment in a wide range of sectors. This training, Korol says, will give the new divers many more job options than other, less comprehensive, dive courses.


“Aside from the typical West Coast work in seafood harvest and aquaculture, this ticket broadens employment opportunities to a variety of other industries, like underwater engineering inspections, archeological investigation, police operations, underwater film production and emergency services rescue operations, offshore oilfield, burning, underwater welding, jetting and other construction.”


DiveSafe International has been offering professional diving instruction out of Campbell River since 2002.


Korol notes that the new Unrestricted Surface Supply course is just one more thing differentiating DiveSafe from other schools.


“We’re home to some amazing ocean dive-training sites and we have an awesome fleet that even includes a refurbished barge to take us out to these truly world-class dive sites,” explains Korol. “Our instructors are also world class, and now with this new course we feel we’ve really raised the bar in terms of offering everything the modern commercial diver requires.”


The 20-week course costs $19,400 and runs Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  For more information about the program, including tuition and prerequisites, call DiveSafe International at 250-287-3837 or email  peter [at] divesafe [dot] com



Nov 04, 2015:  "Halloween with the fishes" - Campbell River Mirror 

 Click here to view>


 Oct 14, 2015:  Questions being asked about 'Mystery Vessel' - Campbell River Mirror

 Click here to view>


Dive Job:   October 9, 2015   1 or 2 day job as a dive tender.  Fly in.  Must have all certs and divers medical current.   Call the DiveSafe office for details.  -----POSITION filled.------


Dive Job:  September 9, 2015:   Aquaculture Diver needed.  Location: West Coast of BC.  This is not a camp job, 30-40 hrs per week.  Must have  Commercial SCUBA Dive Cert/Nitrox Cert/all first aids/Divers medical.  All certs must be current.  Call the DiveSafe  office for details.


Dive Job:  September 04, 2015:  Aquaculture Diver needed.  New Brunswick.  2 years experience diving an asset.  Must have all CSA required training for Commercial SCUBA Diving.  1st aid certs and Divers medical.  All current.  Travel may be required.  Salary commensurate with experience which includes a competitive health and dental benefit package.  Contact DIVESAFE for contact information.


June 16, 2015 -  Interior of BC company looking for Restricted Surface Supply Divers.  Call our office for information.  -------- POSITION filled by DIVESAFE grad.

June 01, 2015  5 dive jobs,  call DIVESAFE.  -----  Positions filled by DIVESAFE grads

Aquaculture work - on Vancouver Island.

May 2015 -  West Coast of Vancouver Island company looking for Commercial SCUBA Diver -  live in Tofino.  Must have all certs and current medical.   ----position filled by DIVESAFE grad

Feb 05, 2015   Diver / Technician position available: ----position filled by DIVESAFE grad 

Diver candidates with a sound working knowledge of word processing and spreadsheet programs will given preference. The ability to write reports is an asset but training will be provided. Please note that out of town travel is a part of the job. 

 Haida Gwaii comes to Campbell River to complete their commercial dive training

Article by Campbell River Mirror on March 27, 2015




"Due diligence for the most dangerous job on the farm"

Article posted by Kelly Korol on Oct 30, 2014 - Click Here


Net Sewing in Coast Marina 



"Little Campbell River company making a big splash” 

Article posted by Courier Islander on Oct 24, 2014 - Click Here

Unrestricted Occupational Scuba Diver class at April Point - Oct 2014


Surface Supply & Underwater welding....
Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Now with the launch of the UnRestricted Surface Supply Program, Divesafe students can receive training to a max. depth of 50m. Along with other highlights like tools and underwater welding, graduates...
Job Opportunities - for DIVESAFE GRADS!
Friday, April 28, 2017
June 23, 2017 - Vancouver based commercial diving company looking for a Operations Manager. Must have 5 years experience in a leadership/management role & mechanical/construction/engineering...
Offshore Diver Job Opp!
Friday, April 21, 2017
Offshore Diver - east Coast There are many job opportunities on the east coast for commercially trained divers. Call the office or if you are a graduate of DIVESAFE - join the alumni page and the...
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http://www.divesafe.com/blog Those of us in the Surface Supply Program have been quite busy these past few weeks. After splitting up with the Occupational SCUBA Program, we got right into orientation...
UnderWater Welder Training
Thursday, February 9, 2017
  DiveSafe International is pleased to offer UnderWater Welder Training onboard our 90 foot landing craft (The Kraken) which we have converted to host our surface supply programs. We...
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Back in May of this year, the tugboat JASCON-4 capsized due to heavy swells off the coast of Nigeria. Though tragic, this was not unheard of. What IS unheard of is what happened after. 29 year old...