"Best Instructor I have had in all my years of schooling"
- Grad
"I liked the short course time"
- student
"I really enjoyed the flexible approach the instructor(s) took in allowing students to address and solve problems on our own and learn through experience"
- Inshore Surface Supply
Impressed with the quality of instruction!
- Graduate
"Kelly and his team are very well known in the industry"
- Sasha
"This course took my career to a new level"
- Mike
Instructors were fun and professional - I had a great time.
- Grad
"I appreciate all the staffs commitment. They genuinely want you to succeed"
- Matt
Very good and knowledgable instructors. Thank you
- CSD Grad
Loved the location, the marina is the best
- Happy Grad
You have a great program, and also a great staff, it was a pleasure being able to come out and take your course.
- RSS Grad
They have told me that I am way more prepared than any other starting employee they have ever had. That's where I owe everyone there thanks. I feel confident in what I am doing, and it has shown. I want to thank everyone there for teaching me what it takes to be a diver, and giving me the knowledge and confidence I need.
- T. Carnahan
Excellent school, awesome instructors. I am so glad I went to DiveSafe, they have helped me to get lots of work after graduation!
- James
The instructors were professional and fun, I appreciated the constructive criticism. The projects were hard but teach you a lot.
- SCUBA Grad 2017
I did not really know what to expect from a commercial dive course, but Divesafe provided a great experience and a course that more than prepares you for the diving industry. Also incredibly helpful getting work for recent graduates. I had three or four opportunities right out of school thanks to the Divesafe staff. All in all I learned a lot and had a great time doing it. Still have nightmares about that birdhouse though!
- Paul Hinton
Divesafe gave me the skills needed to be a commercial diver. All of the instructors are top notch and have a ton of knowledge to share. Couldn't have asked for a better experience. DiveSafe grad 2016
- Kane Punnett
I finished the commercial scuba class and swim away impressed, educated, and supported. The training and equipment are top notch and the staff are friendly, reliable, and knowledgeable. I go out into the underwater world equipped with practical skills while knowing Divesafe is there for me, like a family, providing, support, encouragement, job postings, and advice. If I could give more stars in this review I would! DiveSafe Grad 2016
- Rob Field
Ongoing support and contact about future opportunities has lead to work immediately after the course. Biological surveys, boat work and now on a urchin harvester Kirby. Rock on Divesafe!! Couldn't be more prepared. DiveSafe International Education
- Matthew Kirby
Ahoy just completed my occupational unrestricted scuba with nitrox last week. What a jumpstart into the commercial diving world. Divesafe has an outstanding dive and ofifice staff helping you all the way though.
- Matthew Kirby
From the beginning they were extremely well organized and clear with a complete class and dive schedule. That definitely helped me complete the course by knowing which day what sections were being covered and allowed me proper preparation prior.
- Matthew Kirby
The SCUBA course was both exciting and educating and the instructors are knowledgeable 10/10 I would refer this course to anyone.
- SCUBA Grad 2017
I really enjoyed the projects. They were great ways to get experience using tools underwater. Before the barrel project I had only used a come-along once on the surface, I learned to use it pretty quick during that project! The bird house project was really fun and way more difficult than I thought it was going to be! - Ethan SCUBA Grad May 2017
- DiveSafe Grad 2017
I like the diversity of each others experience and how it shaped my own. Where you help someone in one area, they often can help in another. - Robert SCUBA Grad May 2017
- Grad 2017
Awesome instructors who are knowledgeable, patient and helpful. I learned tons of practical diving skills im going to use in the commercial diving industry. - Alec SCUBA Grad May 2017
- 2017 SCUBA Grad
I came in with no dive experience and leaving with professional knowledge - thank you DiveSafe!
- OSD class 2017

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The DiveSafe Guest House.


DiveSafe's student "Guest House" is located in beautiful Willow Point just a short distance from downtown Campbell River. Willow Point is the home of the famous 'transformations by the Sea', a wood carving competition where artists from all over the world come to create. The Willows market offers fresh local produce and there is a super market just down the street. There are coffee shops and restaurants nearby offering live music some evenings.  A gym, laundromat, pizza are all in easy walking distance.  And of course, you can stroll along the beach or kick back and enjoy the lovely ocean views from the guesthouse deck. 

BUS across the street is the local bus stop, it leaves Monday to Friday at 8am.  Students arrive downtown Campbell River by 8:15am.       IT is a short walk to the Dive Barge from downtown.

NOTE:  The divers guesthouse is a "DRY" house.

The Divers Guesthouse does fill up, and you are not confirmed in the house until full payment has been received.  Contact our front office asap in order to make payment. 

  info [at] divesafe [dot] com        OR              1-800-325-3484.





The Guest house features a large deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean. All the rooms are named after one of our local dive sites. There are three bathrooms, a large kitchen upstairs, two living rooms/tv areas. The usual amenities will also be provided, cable TV, wireless internet etc.....


The house is fully furnished but guests should bring their own sleeping bags or bedding. Cost is $200/week.  If you do not bring your own bedding and towels, you can use ours at a nominal fee (to cover cleaning).  For more information on the DiveSafe student Guest House or the local area please contact our office at info [at] divesafe [dot] com.

FISHING: Campbell River is known as "The Salmon Capital of Canada" - find out why with a fishing trip while You're here! Coastal Wilderness Adventures offers departures right from Divesafe's front door! Check their website out at  www.coastwild.com

BOATS: If you are bringing your boat as living accommodations for the duration of the course - Contact The Coast Discovery Marina for slip fees.   Tel:  (250) 204-7399