Unrestricted Surface Supply
  DiveSafe International is pleased to introduce our newest member to the DiveSafe fleet. We recently brought onboard a 90 foot landing...
Job Opportunities
Aug 23, 2016 Job Opportunity: 2 SCUBA divers needed for full time positions on Vancouver Island - must have all up to date certificates and medical....
Are you interested in being on our DIVESAFE job callout list. Email or phone Heather and give her your information. We get alot of job opps passing...

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DiveSafe International – Canada’s premiere commercial diving school

Have you ever thought about a career as a commercial diver?

  • Do you love water and being outdoors?
  • Do you want a career with plenty of high paying jobs available?

Commercial divers are needed in many industries, including aquaculture, oil & gas, construction, salvage and even public safety with the Coast Guard or RCMP. DiveSafe International offers all levels of commercial diving certification and SCUBA diving certification and can help you launch or advance your career as a commercial diver.

Are you First Nations or Metis? You may qualify for educational or employment grants that will allow you to train to be a commercial diver for free. Ask us about these programs!

Commercial Diver Training School, Campbell River, BC

Our Underwater Marine Education Centre is located in Campbell River, BC – the gateway to the world-class diving of Discovery Passage. All dive training is done in the ocean at our Marina and at various nearby West Coast locations.

To get started as a commercial diver, explore our commercial diving courses or call 1-888-325-3483.

Surface Supply Diver Course - starts Aug 29th   2 seats left! 

Aug 23, 2016 - Job Opportunity: 2 SCUBA divers needed for full time positions on Vancouver Island - must have all up to date certificates and medical. 

Aquaculture company looking for SCUBA Divers/ Surface Supplied Divers - must have all up to date certifications (DAM, O2, 1st Aid, DCBC, WCB Medical)

2 Surface Supplied Divers needed for a job TODAY August 10,  Aug 12 and Aug 15th  2016.  Call the DiveSafe ASAP for details

If you are available for work call the office and give Heather your information!!



DIVESAFE International is one of Canada's largest commercial dive schools.  Located on the West Coast of Canada, in Campbell River, BC:  the gateway to Discovery Passage, Canada's aquaculture industry and some of the best, world class diving that it offers. All training is done in the ocean,  diving is done both at our Marina(off our 90 foot Dive Barge) and at various locations within a short boat trip.  Come dive some of the best West Coast locations and be trained as a commercial diver,  


 Todays Log - August 26th, 2016 
The DCBC Occupational Scuba class is graduating today! The students will be covering career opportunites and resume writing this morning. 




August 29th, 2016 - Surface Supply Diver Course Part 1 (30m) - 2 seats available

September 6th, 2016 - DVG200 start date - Open Water for Commercial SCUBA  - 3 seats available

September 12th, 2016 - Prep Week for Commercial SCUBA - 3 seats available

September 19th, 2016 - DVG105 & DVG101 Occupational/Commercial SCUBA Diver course - 3 seats available

      call for details: TOLL FREE  1-888-325 3483 or go to the "schedule" link below:

                                 check the schedule page for full course list »